Application Form - Training Course on Inclusion; project Youthworker 2.0
By filling in this application form, you are applying for participation at 2nd Training Course of project Youthworker 2.0. This TC will be mainly focused on the topic of inclusion - how to work with participants with special needs and fewer opportunities during volunteer projects, educational activities or trainings. The training will take place in Creative Space, Holloko, Hungary between 20th and 27th February 2017.
We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm we got your application form and when approximately will we confirm if you are selected. Then, we will communicate the details.
If you have any questions, please contact coordinator Bára Kiss on
Your name and surname
E-mail Address
Telephone number
Date of Birth
Permanent Address
Temporary Address
If you already think you may go to the Training Course from a different place, that from your permanent address, please let us know by inserting the address you'll be most probably going from (or at least town + country :) )
Special Needs
If you have any special needs regarding accommodation, food, activities, access - let us know here so we can count on it in advance.
What is your motivation to participate in this Training Course? What are the programme parts you find most relevant in connection with your professional development?
Please, describe your motivation in detail.
What would you like to learn during this Training Course?
Please, set three learning objectives for yourself. Be as concrete as possible.
Which types of fewer opportunities / special needs would you like to focus on during the training?
Please, indicate max. 2 priorities.
Which activities have you lead as a leader, facilitator, (junior) trainer...?
Please describe briefly at least two activities - what was it about and what exactly was your role in a team? If you have more than one experience, please describe max. 3 most important ones.
As a leader, facilitator or trainer - have you ever had a participant with fewer opportunities or special needs in your group? If yes, please, briefly describe the situation.
Are you in a cooperation with any partner organisation?
How are you going to use what you learned after the Training Course? Which activities are you involved in; are you preparing any training/ project/ workshop or any educational activity where you can use it?
Please describe briefly.
I confirm I'm able to participate at the whole training course.
I agree with the participants contribution fee (15EUR).
Any comments to complete info from previous questions or anything else you'd like to say...
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