Virtual Gilboa Registration
We are so excited to be offering virtual programming this summer. We are offering a variety of options and levels of engagement. We want to provide a chance for chanichimot (campers) to connect, have fun, and learn together!

Please note that you need to fill out a separate registration form for each child.

A note for families who are new to Gilboa:
The Gilboa core program is designed to provide campers a sense of a "home base" with a consistent group of counselors and kids their own age. At Gilboa, we call this their “kvutzah”. During the core program blocks, campers will participate in activities that build connections and friendships within their kvutzah, engage in experiential learning, and, for older kids, engage in social justice projects.

While we encourage everyone to participate in the core program, we understand that you may only be interested in the chuggim (electives) for this summer. In the session selection, you will be able to opt out of the core program.
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Any additional info to make sure to share with your child's counselors? Especially if your child hasn't been to Gilboa before, please let us know how we can help welcome them (and you!) into the community.
How are they doing overall? Would they like a counselor to set up a phone call ahead of time to get to know them? Has anything happened recently that we should be aware of? What kinds of activities have they been responding to best in online programming? Are they excited for virtual Gilboa?
If your family is new to Camp Gilboa, please tell us how you heard about us?
Question for the camper: What is your favorite food?
Question for the camper: What is one thing from camp you wish you had at home with you this summer?
Even if you haven't been to Gilboa - from any camp! Or, what you would guess camp would have that you would like to have at home?
Question for the camper: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Select your session: *
Choosing specific Chuggim (electives) is the next step. Please note that all chuggim need a minimum of 5 participants, and are subject to change. The core program is Mondays 4-5pm, Wednesdays 4-5pm, and Fridays 3-5:30pm.
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