Introduction Guide Sign-up Form September 2019
Sign up as an Introduction Guide and give a group of new international students the best start of their time in Groningen. The Introduction Week will this time take place from the 30th of August until the 4th of September.

This form is only for those who want to participate as an Introduction Guide to lead a group during the Introduction Week in September. If you want to join as a participant, you can buy a ticket online via our website:

REMEMBER: both you and your partner have to fill in this form and come by the office to sign the contract and pay the participation fee before the 23rd of August!

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From Friday 30th of August until the 4th of September., the ESN Introduction Week for the Autumn semester takes place. Please take in consideration the responsibilities you have guiding around a group of international students who are in Groningen for their first time.

By filling in this Google Form, you understand and agree with the following:

You will take care of a group of around 16 international students during the ESN Introduction Week which takes place from 30th of August until the 4th of September.

Please be aware of the fact that participants can sign up until the Friday of the first day of the Introduction Week. This means we can't tell you beforehand how many vegetarians/vegans etc. will be in your group. Please try to cook something basic where you can keep the meat separate.

As an introduction guide you agree with the following responsibilities:

- Ensure that your Introduction Group will go to the variety of events during the ESN Introduction Week September 2019 which suit their interest.

- Prevent excessive use of alcohol and the use of drugs or other hallucinogens by participants during the ESN Introduction Week.

- Treat others with respect (e.g. participants, other Introduction Guides, Student Managers at the International Student Houses, ESN Groningen staff and volunteers) and make sure you to keep in mind the different interests of the international students in your group.

- Take care of the health conditions of your Introduction Group members and provide assistance to them when needed.

You are obliged to follow an introduction guide briefing on Monday 26th of August OR on Tuesday 27th of August, which takes place from 19.00 - 20.00. You are obliged to be available for the final briefing and beginning of the Introduction Week program on Friday 30th of August from 17:00 onward.

Note: after filling in this google form, you still need to come to the ESN Office to pay €5,- participation fee and sign the full contract. In case you do not sign the full contract and pay the participation fee, you are NOT an introduction guide and you will be removed from the list. No refund of the Introduction Guide participation fee is possible. The deadline for signing the contract and paying the fee is the 23rd of August

Both you AND your partner introduction guide need to fill in this form!

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Don't have a partner (yet)? No worries! You can either be an Introduction Guide by yourself, or we can match you with somebody else. Please fill out 'I would like to be matched' or 'I will guide a group by myself'.
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I will attend the final briefing on Friday 30th of August *
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I will take care of the participants in my Introduction Group during the whole ESN Introduction Week. As an introduction guide I will hold on my responsibilities mentioned in this form. ESN Groningen holds the right to take away the title of Introduction Guide during the ESN Introduction Week and ban the Introduction Guide for upcoming years after violating any of the rules written above. I agree with the terms and conditions on the website:
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