Brush Creek Bazaar 2021 Performer Application
Brush Creek Bazaar 2021 Food Vendor October 16-17
In 2021, Brush Creek Bazaar is a celebration of creativity, including arts, crafts, music, food, and more.

Brush Creek Bazaar is first and foremost a benefit for at-risk teenagers through the Teen Challenge of Oklahoma Adolescent Program. The event itself is a celebration of creativity where we bring together the best of Oklahoma's Arts and Crafts and showcase them with an array of local music talent, eats, and drinks. We hope to bring a level of creativity to each of these categories. Brush Creek Bazaar is a non-traditional Art, Craft, and Music Festival benefitting youth that need our help! Scheduled October 16-17, we hope to sell, entertain, and bring joy to the public by presenting creativity through ways of art, crafts, music, entertainment, food, desert, and drinks!

Please complete the application fully by August 1st.
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