R Epidemics Consortium (RECON) Code of Conduct Reporting Form
To report on any potential violation of our Code of Conduct (https://www.repidemicsconsortium.org/CODE_OF_CONDUCT/), please fill out this form to the best of your ability - one report per incident (per date, per time and per location). The results of this form, including the reporter's identity, are shared only within the RECON Code of Conduct Committee - members of this are currently Charlie Whittaker (charles.whittaker16@imperial.ac.uk) and Claire Thompson (claire.thomson@alumni.manchester.ac.uk) whilst recruitment for the Code of Conduct Committee takes place.

Alternatively, you may email repidemicsconsortium.complaints@gmail.com, which will go to all three of the Committee members named above. You may also make a report directly to one member of the Committee by contacting them directly. If any member of the Committee has a conflict of interest with a report, they will be recused and will not have access to the content or process of the report follow-up, which will be handled by the other two members of the committee.

Upon submitting your report, you will receive a copy of your responses via email. You should receive a separate acknowledgement of receipt via email from the Code of Conduct Committee within 24 hours on weekdays, or within 48 hours for an event that takes place on a weekend. Please email repidemicsconsortium.complaints@gmail.com if you have not received this acknowledgement. The Committee will investigate your report and follow up according to our Code of Conduct with the aim of making a decision and implementing enforcement as soon as is reasonably possible.

Note: This form and reporting mechanism is based on the format developed by rOpenSci, and we are indebted to them for this.
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Email *
Please describe the nature of the Code of Conduct violation you would like to report, including a description of the behavior and your account of what happened. If reporting harassing language, be specific about the words used. Please email repidemicsconsortium.complaints@gmail.com to share any supporting records that pertain to the incident (e.g. screenshots, email, GitHub issue URL, photos). *
Provide any identifying information of the individual whose behavior is being reported (e.g. name, nickname, screen name, physical description).
Where did this incident occur? (Be specific: did it happen at an online location? If not, please provide the name of the RECON event or if not at a RECON event, the physical location) *
When did this incident occur? (Please include details of a specific date and time if feasible.) *
Is the incident ongoing? Is it part of an ongoing pattern of behavior by this individual? *
Is this violation likely to put anyone in immediate danger within the next 24 hours? (If the situation is immediately dangerous, contact on-site security, or call law enforcement if warranted. We will respond as soon as we can.) *
Please describe any additional circumstances or context surrounding the incident.
Did anyone else observe the incident? If possible, provide names and contact information of anyone else who witnessed or was involved.
Is there any other information you believe we should have about what happened or that you'd like us to know?
Your name (This will not be shared beyond the Committee members without your explicit permission.)
Is there anything else you would like to add to this statement?
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