MASS ACTION Socialism Survey
MASS ACTION, founded by John Beacham, a veteran and now independent socialist, is circulating this important survey to help deepen the connections, understanding and relations between socialists and people who are interested in Socialism in the United States and around the world. The purpose of this survey is to 1) give us a better assessment of where we are at politically on our collective journey toward Socialism and 2) get a better idea how MASS ACTION can be of the most help to our important and very necessary new movement for Socialism!
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What are you looking for or hoping for in a Socialist Party and/or in the socialist movement in terms of politics, organization and activity?
What type of activism, projects or political work are you involved in, if any?
How do you identify politically? *
How will Socialism be achieved? *
If other, please explain!
What kind of Socialist Party do you think we need? *
If other, please explain!
How should the Socialist party be organized? *
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Socialism can only be achieved in the United States through a struggle against racism *
Socialism can only be achieved in the United States through a struggle against imperialism. *
Is the United States a democracy or a capitalist dictatorship? *
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Is the democratic party reformable *
Socialists should be (check all that apply) *
Other things that socialists should be doing
When is it okay to criticize a socialist or progressive organization?
Which countries are/were socialist? *
This space is for you to expand, if you wish, on the question above about countries being Socialist
Are you interested in joining and helping to build a new Socialist Party? *
Is there anything you see socialists or socialist orgs doing that you strongly disagree with?
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