Assess PowerPoint in Education
Rubric Key
3 = Exceeds expectations
2 = Meets expectations
1 = Beneath expectations
1. Ease of Use and Reliability
How easy is it for both teachers and students to use? How fast, reliable and well tested is the technology? Consider: Load-times, operating system compatibility (IOS, Android, etc.), navigation menus, helpful and clear instructions.
2. Teaching and Learning
What kinds/levels of learning are possible? Will this technology support a socio-constructivist approach or is that irrelevant? What pedagogical approach does this technology support and is it viable? Consider: Student engagement, learning styles, social learning, and scaffolding.
3. Interactivity
What specific kinds of interaction and collaboration does this technology enable? Consider: End-user experience, interaction, synchronousity, asynchronousity, text-based only, multimedia inclusive, and feedback.
4. Novelty
How new is this technology? Consider: Students as digital natives, and their engagement/motivation.
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