Momentum Comprehensive Program
Welcome and congratulations on choosing to explore Momentum as a way to support your stepping into your artful self with integrity and intent! We know that it takes courage to take this step, and we are honored by your willingness and by your choice to consider taking this journey with us.

This questionnaire will help us to know you better so that we can support your clear direction over the next year. This journey will revolve around supporting you to connect more deeply to the artist within you, with the support of community, and from there designing and stepping into your artistic path with focus, clarity, power, integrity, and play! We will use goals designed around what you say you want because it is in the tension of the gap between where you are and what your vision is that we will find and illuminate the energy leaks, outdated thinking, old strategies, and anything else that has been adding to your sense of stuckness or impeding momentum on your journey.

Our heart and passion can often get obscured by all of the little drags on us that come from our own resistance. It is not doing that makes us tired. It is resistance that is the real drain on our energy. The resistance that holds us back is often the result of our own distorted thinking rather than from circumstances. Therefore this journey is mostly centered around connecting you to your inherent heart-centered vibrancy and aliveness which will naturally pull you towards your vision with more grace and ease.

It is common to not know all the details of your vision of what’s next for you, but it is helpful to have a general direction in order to get started efficiently and effectively. This questionnaire is intended to get us started in the general direction of knowing the artist that is already emerging through you. So let’s get started!

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