CLJ Lab Research Assistant Application
Faculty Advisor: Tess M.S. Neal, Ph.D. 

This application is for students interested in gaining research experience by working with Dr. Neal’s Clinical and Legal Judgment Lab. I look for students who are bright, motivated, conscientious, dependable, hard-working, and fun. Undergraduate research assistants in the CLJ lab will learn about designing, collecting, analyzing, and disseminating research.  RAs will go through trainings to learn about human subjects protections, how to collect data through online platforms such as Qualtrics and MTurk, how to construct their academic CVs, and will be mentored about graduate school.  Undergraduate RAs are expected to commit to the lab for at least two semesters, volunteer for about 8-10 hours per week in the lab, and attend the weekly lab meeting.  (Note that we have this standing application, but we can't always accept new students - apply anyway no matter when you find this application: we will strive to work with students anytime we have the capacity to do so).

Applicants with GPAs of 3.5 and higher will be more competitive than those with lower GPAs (though feel free to still apply even if your GPA is lower, with an explanation for why your GPA is lower than 3.5).  Applicants who have taken Research Methods (PSY 290), Statistics (PSY 230), and Advanced Statistics (PSY 330) will also be more competitive.

IMPORTANT: After completing this form, please send an email to Tess Neal ( with your resume or CV, and a copy of your unofficial transcript attached.
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