A New Voice On Origins
We see an opportunity to restructure the conversation on origins, to be more inclusive and grounded in science. We hope to build common ground around the grand questions themselves, and an honest account of mainstream science.

Peaceful Science wants your feedback and participation. Let us know how we can best serve you.

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The Genealogical Adam Workshops
Are you a scholar interested in joining us for one of the workshops in St. Louis on January 20-21 and February 3-4? What is your area of expertise? Why do you want to participate?
I am a scholar hoping to attend a workshop because...
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A Peaceful Science Gathering
We are likely (though not confirmed) to have a Peaceful Science Gathering on January 21-22 in St. Louis. Would you like to join us? There will time to interact with scholars and share your views on how we can form our voice in the coming months.
I plan to attend the gathering because...
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Planning a New Voice
We are planning a new voice on origins. Where ever you sit in the conversation, we want to know what you think about Peaceful Science. What can we do that would make you most excited about our voice? How would you want to participate? Where do your values and our values at Peaceful Science meet? How Can We Serve You?
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