Cuyahoga County Jail: Potential Plaintiff Contact Form
This form should be completed by people who are interested in joining a lawsuit about conditions in the County Jail, including:
- general living conditions in the jail
- access to food
- access to medical and mental health care
- accommodations for disabilities
- excessive force used by jail staff
- access to attorneys
- access to grievance process
- other abuses

Please fill out the form as completely as possible.

You are NOT automatically part of a lawsuit after completing this form.

Only CURRENT and FUTURE inmates will qualify to participate in the pending class action lawsuit, but FORMER inmates may have important information as WITNESSES in the case and should still complete the form.

The pending class action lawsuit is for injunctive and declaratory relief - seeking reform - ONLY, and is NOT seeking money damages.

After you complete this form, we may contact you to discuss your experiences further, to determine whether you qualify to participate in the lawsuit.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge and agree to the following:
(1) The information presented at this site is not legal advice;
(2) You have not formed an attorney-client relationship with any attorney at Friedman & Gilbert;
(3) You understand that any information you send through this website is not confidential or secure.

Attorney Advertising. This website is designed for general information only.

Contact the law firm of Friedman & Gilbert with any questions at (216) 241-1430.

More information about Friedman & Gilbert is available at
First Name (of inmate or person you represent): *
Last Name (of inmate or person you represent): *
I am: *
If you are writing on behalf of an inmate: (1) state your name; (2) describe your relationship to the inmate:
Current Address (of inmate): *
Phone number where you can be reached:
Email where you can be reached:
Date of birth (of inmate or person you represent): *
Case number(s) for current jail term:
Name of criminal defense lawyer for inmate (if currently represented):
I or the person I represent have experienced the following (check ALL options that apply to you): *
For each item checked above, please explain what happened to you (or the person you represent). If your story involves very sensitive or confidential information, please describe it generally and say whether there is more information you would share over the phone or in person. *
For the items checked above, have you sent a kite? *
For the items checked above, have you sent a grievance form? *
For any kite or grievance form you sent, have you received a response? *
For any kite or grievance form you sent, have you sent an appeal? (Please note: you are permitted to send an appeal if the jail responds to your kite/grievance and think their response is wrong or inadequate OR if the jail FAILS to respond to your kite/grievance) *
If you have received any response to your kite, grievance, or appeal, (1) please describe the response; (2) explain whether the conditions you complained about changed:
If you are in the jail as a pretrial detainee, please tell us: (1) approximately when you were arrested; (2) when your next court date is; and (3) what your trial date is.
If you have already been convicted and are serving a sentence in the jail, what is your release date?
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