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To make sure we are on the same page, here is some info about the terms of Bold Adulting workshops. Note that "I" and "me" refers to Masha Evpak in this document. Please make sure you ask me any questions that you have. If you have any concerns about any of it, just get in touch and we'll figure it out.

Please pay the full total by one month in advance of the date. If you need more time, please contact me to make alternate plans.

Once the payment is made, I cannot provide refunds for cancellations, but if you need to reschedule to a different date, please contact me ASAP.

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your workshop (which has never happened for a BoldAdulting workshop), please contact me. I will either refund your money or work with you to schedule a second workshop, at my discretion.

*Make the check out to:
Bold Adulting

*Mail the check to:
Masha Evpak
515 Arbor Drive #2
San Diego, CA 92103

1) All logistics other than content (content = presentation, activities, giveaways, etc.) will be done by the organizers of the group who is receiving the presentation. This includes the location, refreshments (if any), publicity, etc.
2) I highly suggest you publicize the event broadly on your campus, encouraging individuals from other organizations to come together to overcome and embrace shared experiences and struggles.
3) Please contact me at any time: or 619-987-8410. You can contact me at any time (day or night, including weekends) and I'll get back to you when I can. Haven't gotten a response yet about something urgent? Don't hesitate to check back in!
4) Please book a room with a computer, projector, tables and chairs, a whiteboard, and chairs and tables that can be rearranged. A location as convenient as possible for attendees is appreciated.
5) It is highly recommended that food be provided for attendees, as this tends to DRASTICALLY improve attendance rates. If you do this, please note in all marketing materials that there will be food/refreshments.
6) Please reserve a parking spot for me to facilitate a smooth arrival. If this isn't possible, please let me know so we can figure out an alternative.
7) If you have a method for contacting your attendees and potential attendees to ask what topics and questions they would like addressed, I will be happy to tailor the workshop to address the needs of the attendees.
8) I will schedule a 30 minute video call with your group's organizer for approximately 2 weeks before the event, to go over any logistics and answer any questions.
9) The week before the event, I will send you written materials (e.g. worksheets) to print for your group.
10) I will arrive 30-60 minutes in advance to set up. It is appreciated if some of your group leaders come early to help set up the room (e.g. arrange tables, pass out papers).

--------DAY OF--------
1) The workshop will be a combination of presentation and interactive activities.
2) One participant will win a free confidence-coaching session and others will win assorted other relaxation/confidence-promoting prizes. I will reach out to the winner of the confidence-coaching session, and will follow up once if I don't hear back.
3) I can't guarantee the specific subjects that will be covered but I will do my best to incorporate any requested topics.
4) Please take 5-20 photos during the event. If your group members are willing, including photos of them participating/listening is appreciated. Otherwise, the photos can be of me presenting. Please use the best camera you have. If video is also possible, that's extra appreciated!
5) I will stay at least 30 min after the workshop for anyone who wants to talk further.
6) The room should be booked for 4 hours (for a 3 hour workshop plus 30 minutes before and after). Extra time to set up or pack up is appreciated.
7) I will have a sign-up sheet for anyone who wants to sign up for the Bold Adulting email list. Those who do will receive a worksheet that will guide them through reaching out to people for career connections.

1) All participants are expected to maintain confidentiality regarding what is shared. Sharing about what you learned is highly encouraged but details about who said what should never be shared unless the person explicitly said it's ok. EXCEPTION: Anyone can share about the experiences I shared about myself unless explicitly asked not to.
2) If you enjoy and appreciate the workshop, please tell others about it. If you'd like direction about how to help spread the word, please let me know.

Thanks so much for booking a Bold Adulting workshop!

Have you read and agree to the terms and conditions described above?
Are there any specific topics you request be covered? (Please consider reaching out to your group members to find out what their needs are.)
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Please list here the date and time that you are requesting the workshop. (If we have already agreed, list what we chose. If we haven't decided on a date/time yet, please note your group's availability or preferences.)
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Do you anticipate the workshop payment being completed by 1 month in advance of the workshop? (If there is any uncertainty or extenuating circumstances here, please note that here.)
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Will it be possible for some of your group members to come 30-60 minutes early to help set up?
Will it be possible for you to print some materials that will be distributed to your members (e.g. worksheets, evaluation forms)
Generally, a 30 minute call (video preferred) is useful 1-2 weeks before the workshop to figure out any last-minute logistics or issues. If you would like to do this, please note when you may be available for this.
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Please list any other local groups that may find a Bold Adulting workshop useful.
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Is there anything else I should know?
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Thank you for completing this! I look forward to doing a workshop for your group!
Don't forget that you are encouraged to get in touch with me at any time. Details: or 619-987-8410, day or night. :)
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