Clapingo PRACTICE CLUB (Limited access & Seat) 
Hello there! Clapingo Community is a judgement-free, online club. Meet new people to learn and grow together! Build your confidence, grow your communication skills, fluency and more.
  • First one week FREE of cost.
  • If you would not like to continue after 2 sessions, get a 100% refund (No questions asked).
Step1: Fill this form and we will send you a confirmation email & a payment link if you are shortlisted for the club membership.
Step 2: We will share a meeting link with our expert to explain how the platform works. (Topics, structure etc.)
Step 3: Provide your preferred time slots & Bingo!! You can join exciting practice sessions. Meeting details will be shared with you. 

1. Every session will be of 40 minutes and a maximum of 4 participants (+1expert intermittently). 
2. Your current level in English will be evaluated and sessions topics and structure will be such that you grow every session.
3. Moderators and experts will intermittently join the sessions. Stay assured that Clapingo sessions would be extremely well structured and value addition is guaranteed.
4. We want only sincere people to be part of this club. There will be no limitations on the number of sessions per month. 
5. You will meet and converse with exciting people across globe, profession, ages and gender. PRACTISE, PRACTISE & PRACTISE.
6. Leave everything else on us. We will make sure this will be your best experience so far in your journey to speak English fluently

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