BJC 2020 Volunteers
Are you thinking of volunteering to help?

As many of the BJC attendees know, our convention wouldn't happen without lots of wonderful people giving up a couple of hours of their spare time to help make everything better for everyone involved. Volunteering does not get you a ticket to the convention - everyone buys a ticket (including the main organisers!)

During the event there will be a volunteer point with information on odd jobs that we need some help with. If we have your mobile number, we can also text you during the event when we need you to come and save the day!

Before the event there may be things that you are really keen on like marketing, facebook or general admin - if you have the skills, please let us know!

If you volunteer for, and are needed for site set-up or close-down work we will email you at least one week before the event to let you know. Unless you have volunteered specifically help for site set-up, and have been selected to do so, you will not have early access to the site.

BJC is run by jugglers, for jugglers, so we really appreciate your help

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Site set-up and close-down crew will be emailed. Volunteering for set-up does not guarantee early access to the site.
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