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To be added to YangFacts, please follow the format specified; not only to stay consistent, but to create a more effective shareable fact for the website. Keep in mind, the goal of YangFacts is to provide a set of short, shareable facts about Yang2020 to respond to, above all, recurring questions and claims found on social media.

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Go Yang2020!

One sentence, in question format.

(Does Yang believe NCAA athletes should be paid?)

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One sentence, citing or paraphrasing a text from the Yang2020 website, or from one of Yang's videos. Ideally, include specifics.

(Yang believes that NCAA athletes should participate in the massive wealth creation they enable and as such be paid.)

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A single link to a relevant yang2020.com page or a timestamped video link (youtube or other). Prefer to link to articles that provide information straight from the horse's mouth so to speak, to increase exposure to Yang's ideas directly.


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(policy, athletes, paid, NCAA)

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