2020 MLHA Classic - Registration
Please complete the following application for the 2020 MLHA Classic. Note: There could be situations where a team registers and we do not have a bracket for the team to complete. We do everything possible to place teams but will contact you, as soon as possible, if we do not have a competitive bracket for your team.
Email address *
Roster Information
Please submit your roster immediately to mlhaclassic@gmail.com after you have submitted your application.

Submit in Excel format with ALL of the following information:

Team Name
Team Contact
Team Age Group
Jersey # - First Name - Last Name - Goalie (Y/N)
All Coaches Names, Phone Numbers and USA Hockey Numbers
Team Name
Team Contact Name
Team Contact Phone Number
Team Contact Email
Name of Organization / Association
Organization / Association Web Site
League Web Site
Team's Current Division and Level Desired to Play
Enter current level of team for placement. Example: Squirt AA, Bantam A Minor Gold, Etc. If unsure, note current division for the comittee.
Head Coach Name
Head Coach Email
Head Coach Phone
Team Manager Name
Team Manager Email
Team Manager Phone
Additional Team Placement Info
If your team does not compete in the Pittsburgh Amateur Hockey League, please complete the next three questions:
How many of your players are playing in their 2nd year at this level?
How many of your players are playing in their 1st year at this level?
Total season record to date, including all tournaments.
List out names of teams you've played and how you matched up with them.
Additional Comments to help the placement committee.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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