What can we do better with London Friends Together?
The organisers who run London Friends Together meetings for worship and conversation plan to suspend them over YMG and a few weeks after, and then relaunch the meetings on September 7th. We are very happy to run these meetings when we get about enough Friends for the Breakout rooms to include 4 or 5 Friends each. The present format seems to work well when 15 - 40 Friends attend, but might need adjusting for larger numbers
There are ways we can fine tune the organisation of these meetings, which we ask about in the questions below.
This section is for your general comments
Do you think the time slot of 1900-2030 is right? Would you like other time options available?
Do you think the opening worship of 30 minutes is:-
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How might the guidance to speakers for our conversation starter talks be fine tuned? At present we say to speakers:-1. SHORT – 3 to 5 minutes only and simply structured – maybe three points or a short 'story'2. Personal – based on your own experience or perspective wherever possible 3. About something that everyone can relate to - not too controversial (we aren't wanting heated debate) or too sensitive but lively enough to stimulate thought and start conversations 4. Please think of a relevant question for the breakout rooms to discuss!.
What number in a breakout room works best for you?
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How long would you like for the LFT break out rooms?
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How long would you like in Worship sharing after the breakout rooms?
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Please offer any other general comments. Or specific ones if you wish.
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