BaZi (八字) / Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗数) / Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) Consultation Request Form
Thank you for engaging me for consultation. For ethical and safety reasons, I require all prospective clients to fill up a form first. You will be screened for suitability not only by your chart but also how you phrase your questions. I hope you've read my blog to understand why I'm required to do this.

I say this with the best intentions and most respectable tone, but if you're one of those toxic individuals with no self-awareness and can't think deeply, and assume that astrology or Chinese metaphysics as a means to magically solve your problems or make you rich, I suggest you turn away now and find yourself another practitioner. A consultation with me will not end well - trust me.

Metaphysics is supposed to help you think deeper and look inwards, and you shouldn't expect the consultation to just be about me dishing out solutions for you. I strongly encourage you to take some time to go through my blog to understand more about this field.


My consultations are a combination of ALL THREE METHODS I am proficient in. You do not have to pay me extra if I use more than one method. Just see the consultation as paying for my time and experience.

My job's purpose is to make clients make the best possible decision based on what I see in the charts. As such, I reserve the full right to determine how the consultation should be carried out and which method is the focus, as well as the scope of the reading and analysis.

Please understand that I am not a career/marriage counsellor nor doctor and my comments, if any, do not be qualify as professional advice and should be taken more like an opinion from a friend or third party. You should NOT be using metaphysics as a replacement for any form of professional help.

Due to the volume of consultations I'm handling, there will be a waiting time of 15 business days before you receive your report. I would really appreciate your patience meanwhile as I do not wish to rush anyone's report and risk making mistakes due to the weight of my words as a practitioner.

You will receive automated emails on what to do next once you fill up this form. Details of the consultation and your personal details will be kept strictly confidential. Lastly, please bear in mind the T&Cs.

Thank you for engaging me once again and I hope you get something out of the session.
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Service Description
All services come with a 7-day Q&A session that will revolve around the initial questions you ask. It should be seen as a form of goodwill that isn't included in the fees you are paying. In other words, I reserve the right to void or stop the Q&A at any point. This policy is so everyone takes it seriously instead of spamming questions for the sake of it.

I am keeping my fees affordable to remain accessible to everyone, so the rules of the Q&A are extremely strict to benefit the people who need the Q&A most. It is not for you to spam whatever you wish.

The Q&A starts from the day you send me your first set of questions but please get back within 2 weeks of receiving your report. If I do not reply to your questions within 24 hours, it will not be deducted from your 7-day Q&A entitlement.

Bear in mind I still reserve the right to stop the Q&A at any point as the Q&A should be seen as goodwill and not part of the service.

Here's what to expect from the services:

Single Chart Analysis - This is a full analysis of your chart that covers all areas using all three techniques I know. The initial report will have a thorough breakdown of your Natal Chart and Elemental Phases. It will also include answers to the questions you fill up in the form. Remember to approach this like a conversation.

Two Chart Bundle (with compatibility analysis) - This is a FULL analysis of two charts that covers all aspects. It's basically two charts combined into one report. It saves me a bit of time which is why there's a small discount. It is no different from from the Single Chart Analysis. This service is most suitable for couples, or if you wish to do a combined reading with a family member.

In-Person Consultation - For those who really wish to meet in person although you're encouraged to go for the online readings instead. A written report will still be provided with full Q&A entitlement. The venue will be chosen by me.

Annual Review - This is for past clients only. It's no different from a single-chart analysis. I'll zoom in to a particular year and do an in-depth analysis of what may be the issues you might be facing that year. The cost of this is the same as a single chart reading as it actually takes more work and time reviewing an old case.

Multiple Chart Readings (3 or more) - You can just select any option in the list and provide the birth details of everyone when filling up your questions. The bundled price of $688 applies for every 2 charts analyzed. E.g. 3 charts = $688 + $388; 4 charts = $688 + $688.
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