Solaris XLR Signature Campaign
Fill this form in order to join the Solaris XLR signature campaign.

- Every member above Full Member willing to join must wear the signature and the avatar.
- Make sure to reply with a #Proof of authentication post and apply using the #number in the application form.
- Your posts should contain at least 70 characters.
- You must wear the signature until the round ends.
- Your posts must be related to the topic.
- If we findout that you are using multiple accounts, you will be excluded and reported to the mods.
- We only accept good quality posts, we won't tolerate any spammer joining this campaign.
- Only Members/ Full members/ Sr. Members / Hero and Legendary are accepted.
- You must reach 10 posts weekly in order to get your reward.
- Posts on our main thread aren't counted.
- There's no KYC required, you only need to wear the signature and reach the min posts requirement.
- No more than 4 posts in a day, you should not spam the forum, spread your posts on 4 days at least.
- We might run the campaign for a longer period, it depends on the response of the community and the results.
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