Open Space Survey
Researching evidence of the importance of Ridgehill Woods as an Open Green Space
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How close to the Woods in metres, kilometres, yards or miles do you live? *
How do you travel to visit Ridgehill Woods and how long does it take you? *
Can you describe the importance of the Beauty of Ridgehill Woods in relation to the surrounding area? *
Are you aware of any Historical Significance of Ridgehill Woods? *
What Recreational Value does Ridgehill Woods have for yourself? How do you use the Woods? *
Can you describe and explain how and if Ridgehill Woods provides a nature of Tranquility in any form for you? *
Can you identify any wildlife who habit or visit Ridgehill Woods? *
Are you aware of the species of plants, trees, fungi or any other vegetation in Ridgehill Woods? *
How important is Ridgehill Woods to the local community and what would be the impact of losing access to it? *
Why do you think Ridgehill Woods should be protected from any future development? *
Any other comments about the importance of Ridgehill Woods as a Green Open Space?
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