A Cultural Trip | Nigeria
This is a sign up sheet for the destination tour to Nigeria. It is a 4 city tour that will show you different parts of Nigeria and her cultures.
Email address *
Will you be able to attend the tour with dates December 27th - January 10th from BWI? *
Will you to pay the initial $100 deposit towards your international flight? *
Would you be able to download "whatsapp" for the group chat? "
Which package are you interested in? *
Will you need a discount code for flights to get to BWI? (We have a discount link for for flights that allow you to pay over time) *
Will you be ok with learning different aspects of culture for a full cultural experience? *
Will you be able to follow directions and keep up with payments for your flight and other fees to ensure accountability? *
Lastly, can you have fun?! *
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