Attorney Survey
This survey is designed primarily for Australian and New Zealand patent attorneys (and those in the process of becoming patent attorneys). However, lawyers and trade marks attorneys working within specialist IP firms are also welcome to respond, and may assume that the word 'attorney' means 'patent attorney, trade marks attorney, or IP lawyer'.

All responses to the survey are completely anonymous.

About You and Your Firm
Please respond to the following questions with the most appropriate selection. Where your exact circumstance is not listed, the survey results will be more useful if you can avoid selecting a generic or 'other' response unless none of the more specific responses is at all suitable. References to 'my firm' mean the business for which you currently work, whether as an owner/operator or an employee.
I am based in... *
Please note that this survey is intended primarily for attorneys working within the trans-Tasman system. If you do not work for an Australian or New Zealand firm, many of the subsequent questions may not be relevant to you.
I identify as... *
I appreciate that asking about gender may be contentious. You can choose not to say. However, I have included this question because I am interested in whether there are any correlations between gender and career objectives, employment experiences, and experiences working with clients. If this interests you also, please consider providing a specific response.
My firm is... *
The total number of registered attorneys and IP lawyers at my firm is... *
My position at my firm is best described as... *
My specialist field(s) of technology is/are best described as... *
Check all that apply.
In terms of my advancement within the profession, my goal is best described as... *
If I had to choose one of the following, I would prefer to... *
You may select you current circumstance if this is, in fact, something that you have chosen, or would actively choose, to do. Note that the term 'career employee' is intended to encompass roles across all levels and responsibilities, including senior management and salaried partner/principal positions.
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