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Complete this form if you are interested in joining the 2019-20 Hillside Science Olympiad.

Science Olympiad will kick-off in early October. 2-3 teams of 17 students each are selected in November. The first tournament is in December and the season runs through April.

We will send kick-off meeting, event and team information to all (students and parents) who complete this form.

If you'd like to learn more about Science Olympiad, go to the national website https://www.soinc.org/
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Choose 2-5 events your student is interested in. You can change later.
Participation & Coaching
Anatomy & Physiology
Circuit Lab
Crime Busters
Density Lab
Disease Detectives
Dynamic Planey
Elastic Launched Glider
Experimental Design
Food Science
Game On
Ping Pong Parachute
Mission Possible
Mousetrap Vehicle
Reach for the Stars
Road Scholars
Simple Machines
Water Quality
Write It Do It
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