Application - "BUSINESS" Membership
Applause and Thank You for your interest in Membership for The National Society of Black Wedding & Event Professionals (NSBWEP)!

YOU hereby attest to the accuracy of the information you have provided within this application and to the fact that your primary area of activity of business is in the wedding and event planning industry. YOU agree to accept THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OF BLACK WEDDING & EVENT PROFESSIONALS decision on this application, and that you may be required to provide proof of documentation. You will do all in your power to maintain and enhance the prestige of the wedding and event planning industry. You understand that misrepresentation or omission of facts may be considered cause for the expulsion or denial of membership, and that membership dues are non-refundable and all sales are final.

- Apply for Membership (what you are doing now)
- Your application will be reviewed by the BOARD to make sure that you meet all criteria.
- You will be notified of the status of membership and an invoice will be mailed to you.
- If Membership is approved, You will have (7) days from the date of notification to remit payment of your membership dues.
- Once we receive your membership dues, additional Membership details will be mailed to you.

- "Black-Owned Business" who services the wedding and event planning industry.  Membership belongs to business owner. 
- Membership Investment:  $250.00 annually per business entity or pay in full for a 3-year membership = $699.00 per business entity
- Valid business license based on your state regulations
- General Liability Insurance and/or Errors & Omissions 
- Be in Business One plus years 
- Exemplary Reputation within the Industry/NO MORE THAN (3) confirmed complaints represented to our association
- Employer Identification Number (EIN#)
- Must have a business website
- Abide by our Code of Ethics
- Must be a Member in Good Standing (remains current on organization dues and payments). Membership renewals are on your anniversary cycle.  A 30-day grace period is provided for renewal.  Beyond 30-day grace period your membership becomes in default and you will have to renew as a New Member.

-ALL OF THE ABOVE are required for membership approval

- Business Memberships include (2) individuals to represent their companies. Please contact us to Add Additional Members and the rates. Membership is open year round so if you know of someone that wants to apply let them know that they can apply at any time.

- The first (100) approved applicants will be identified as "FOUNDING MEMBERS" of the organization.
- The first (100) approved applicants will receive 3 months of additional complimentary membership.

We look forward to having you as a Member!

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