LLC Board Application
Being an LLC board member is an excellent opportunity to serve and support the organization in a leadership capacity. LLC is a unique organization and the only one of its kind specifically dedicated to bolstering leadership in the kink and leather community.

Newly-elected Directors serve a trial term of one year. During this one-year term, new Directors and existing Board members have the opportunity to determine compatibility of mission, goal, and leadership styles. To maintain continuity of culture and mission, the Executive Board is comprised of Directors who are in their second term and have chosen to serve another three years.

Applications Open: Immediately
Applications Close: February 15, 2021
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Expectations of Board Members
• Attendance of two (2) mandatory meetings
• Attendance of interim meetings (as needed)
• Consistent email/phone/video chat communication
• Projects completed in a timely (and time-sensitive) manner

There are two mandatory meetings each year. One at the Conference and a planning session shortly after the Conference. Remaining business is addressed via email, phone and possibly video chat format as determined by the Chair or Executive Committee. Email communication is expected to be responded to within 2 business days and any absence or inability to respond in that time should be conveyed to the Chair or designee. Individual and group projects are to be completed in the time frame set forth. Everyone counts on their team members to do their jobs in a timely manner as many duties are built on the participation of others.

The average Board member should expect to spend between 2 - 10 hours per month on LLC business. Approximately 2 - 4 weeks prior to and including the Conference, time spent on LLC business may be more.

Failure to participate and fulfill the duties of Directorship may result in counseling, request for resignation, or motion from the Board to terminate a Director’s term.
LLC is a 501(c)(3) educational organization and does not offer monetary compensation for serving on the Board. Hotel expenses at the Conference and planning sessions will be paid for by the organization, as well as two registration packages. Travel may have a small offset of approximately $100 per required Board meeting. Other expenses incurred as a Board member may be tax deductible.
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