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Welcome to Najla Qamber Design Book Interior Formatting Form!

Wait! Before you fill up this form, make sure to email us to inquire about the prices and for bookings. (najla(dot)qamber(at)gmail(dot)com or ndqamber(at)gmail(dot)com)

If you have any questions, let me know.

Please be reminded of the following:
- If we exceed the limited amount of changes in the package. You will be automatically upgraded to the next advanced package.
- We don't do Indexing for books due to the time consumption and complexity of formatting an index page.


Which Interior Package would you like? *
Details of the packages are listed here, http://www.najlaqamberdesigns.com/book-interior-packages.html
How many words is your manuscript? *
80,000 words? 120,000 words? 300,000 words?
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How many pages would you like us to keep your book at?
This is just in case you want to keep the book thin. 250-350 pages, etc
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Genre of Your Book
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Book Size *
If we did not design your cover, what fonts did your designer use for your cover?
If we did design it for you, just put in: YDI
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What kind of font would you like to use for your whole book? *
How would you like your chapter numbers to be presented? *
Would you like the first letter or character of your chapter to be large and capital? *
There are some books that start the sentence off with the first letter or character in bold, large, in a different font, and drops two or more paragraphs, which is called a Drop-Cap. NOTE: The mobi file prevents us from having Drop-Caps so that will be replaced with just an uppercase and bold letter.
Would you prefer to hyphenate in your text? *
Hyphenate (-)in terms of the word continuing to the next line.
(For Paperbacks) Where are you printing the book at?
Extra PDF for Interiors and Covers (if we designed your cover) will be $10 each.
If you're printing with Kindle Direct Publishing, what type of paper are you going to printing on?
This is only for covers that we designed. This will help us get the book cover ready after the interior is done.
(For Paperback Packages only) Would you want your name and book title on the top or bottom of the pages?
Name or Pen Name *
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Email *
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Paypal Email *
So I can invoice you
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Deadline of the Project
For example: Ebook is needed by: April 11th, and the paperback is needed by: May 5th - If you need it ASAP please give us an estimated number of days/weeks before you'd like to submit the file to your retail sites
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Book Title *
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Anything other details that we need to know?
Will your book have POVs? Specific graphics? Flourishes between paragraphs? Anything extra? Let us know
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