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You may know us as Gengo (https://www.gengo.com), and you may know we were recently acquired by Lionbridge (https://www.lionbridge.com/). Our name may be different, but our passion to create, culture of diversity, and technology-first mindset remain intact.

The Gengo platform enables anyone to connect to people-powered tasks, with a focus on translation and AI training data. Via the Gengo website or API, individuals and businesses work with Gengo’s community of over 20,000 pre-tested contributors, who have skills in over 23 languages.
About this opportunity
We are in the process of ironing out the details of a massive project with a major customer for the languages in the dropdown below. This project requires native or non-native speakers to translate social media posts. The project will start in July.

Anyone of legal age (over 18) with knowledge of the following languages can join this project providing that they pass the test available on the testing dashboard (https://gengo.com/t/tests/dashboard/). However, many tests for this project are not yet ready for you. Please regularly check the testing page for your language pair to appear.

This opportunity is open for both beginners and professionals. Take note that laptop/desktop and a reliable internet connection are essentials for this project

If interested, you can elect to be notified when your pair is available for this project via the form below.
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A personal laptop is required to work on this project.
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We are looking for people who will commit to the project. Since translators will work remotely, everyone is expected to have a strong and reliable internet connection.
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If you don't see your language above, it may not be available for this project. Please visit your testing dashboard (https://gengo.com/t/tests/dashboard/) to find our full list of available language pairs.
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