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Hello all, this is Morse’s CS-Listen Research Team and we are currently working with UC San Diego and the National Science Foundation to answer the question, “How can we expose Computer Science to underrepresented communities and lessen the stigmas around the topic?” We ask that all students fill out the survey below. Thank You.

- Morse’s UCSD CS-Listen Research Team

Instructions: Answer all Questions Completely and Honestly. (Survey Length: Approximately 5-7 Minutes)

Would You Like to Learn Morse About Computer Science? Any Questions, Comments, Concerns? Please Feel Free to Contact Us:

Morse Contacts:
Ms. Sanchez - (Adv. Integrated Math III Teacher)
Ms. Tomar - (AP CSP/CSA Teacher)
Ysaak Parfiles - (Student Survey Leader)

UCSD Contacts:
Susan Yonezawa -
Minhtuyen Mai -
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