GPEP Feedback Questionnaire
As part of a patient pilot scheme, your healthcare provider has directed you to access the GPEP app to assist with your musculoskeletal complaint. Following your use of this app over recent weeks, GPEP welcomes your thoughts and views on the app itself. This will inform future iterations of the app and will contribute to providing the best possible service for future users.
1. How easy did you find accessing the GPEP app?
2. How easy was it to navigate the GPEP App?
3. Were the exercise videos in the GPEP app easy to understand and replicate yourself?
4. In the event that you did not use this app, what service would you have used instead?
5. Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the app?
6. How well did the app meet your needs?
7. Would you say that your MSK complaint has improved since using the the app?
8. How do you rate the quality of the app?
9. How likely is that you would recommend this app to a friend or colleague?
10. How likely would you be to consider purchasing the app in the future?
Suggestions for improvement
Any further questions or comments?
Please rate us on the app stores, thank you!
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