Virtual Public Comment at School Board Meetings
Please submit this Intent to Speak form 24 hours in advance to give public comment at the Sherman County School Board Meeting if you are attending virtually.
**If you are attending onsite, this form will be available to you at the meeting.
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Intent to Speak
The Board requests that a public comment add information or a perspective that has not already been mentioned previously, and that the patron refrains from repeating a similar point.

To make a comment or present a topic during public comment virtually or in-person, if the opportunity is available on the Board agenda, please complete the Intent to Speak card at the meeting and submit it to the Board secretary prior to the start of the meeting or fill out this electronic version 24 hours in advance. An individual that has submitted an Intent to Speak card and has been invited to speak by the Board chair, will be allowed three minutes.

Any person, who is invited by the Board chair to speak to the Board during a meeting, should state his/her name and address and, if speaking for an organization, the name of the organization.  A spokesperson should be designated to represent a group with a common purpose.

Please keep in mind that reference to a specific employee or group of employees, is prohibited as follows:

Board policy BDDH - Public Comment at Board Meetings:

“Comments Regarding Staff Members -
Speakers may offer objective criticism of district operations and programs.  The Board will not hear comments regarding any individual district staff member.  The Board chair will direct the visitor to the procedures in Board policy KL - Public Complaints for Board consideration of a legitimate complaint involving a staff member.  The association contract governing the employee’s rights will be followed.  A commendation involving a staff member should be sent to the superintendent, who will forward it to the employee, his/her supervisor (if applicable) and the Board.”

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Topic or comment to be presented *
The board requests that a topic or comment is limited to three minutes or less.
A complaint brought before the Board shall be referred to the proper school authorities.  A complaint shall be processed in accordance with Board policy KL - Public Complaints and KL-AR - Public Complaints Procedure.  A hearing conducted before the Board regarding personnel shall take place in an executive session.
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