Cubs in St. Louis (2) YNOT
On Friday, May 12, the Cubs will be back in St. Louis to take on the Cardinals in a 3-game weekend series over the Mothers Day Weekend. Friday's game is scheduled to start at 7:15 p.m. This same time will be when we close entry into this YNOT. If you are not in by this time, you will not score any points for this YNOT. The questions are below.
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Who will win the series? (2points)
Will each team have a player hit by pitch in the series? (2)
What place in the Central Division will the Cardinals be in at the end of the series? (2 points)
Within 0.010, the combined series batting average for Schwarber and Grichuk? (4 points)
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Within 2, the number of walks surrendered by both team's starters? (5 points)
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Within 0.10, the combined ERA for Arrieta & Martinez? (5 points)
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Within 1, the number of 2 out RBI's by the Cardinals in the series? (4 points)
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At end of the series which team's pitching staff will have the best season whip? (2 points)
Will a pitcher have an RBI in the series? (2 points)
Will the Cardinals steal a base while Lester is on the mound? (2 points)
Total number of runs scored in the 6th inning (all games). (5 points)
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Total attendance for the series?
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