2017 Preservation Awards: Nominate an achievement
Please submit your nomination by Tuesday, February 28, 2017. For questions about the awards or about submitting a nomination, contact Johns W. Hopkins by email at hopkins@baltimoreheritage.org or by phone at 410-332-9992.

Learn more: https://baltimoreheritage.org/awards/

Contact Information
Please provide your name, email, address and phone number. If you are not the most appropriate contact, please provide the contact information for the best person to answer questions about the nomination.
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Achievement Information
Please share more information about this achievement.
Award Category
Not sure which category fits your nomination best? Read our Preservation Award Guidelines: https://baltimoreheritage.org/awards/
Nominee Name
Please provide the name of the individual or organization.
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If the nominee is an organization, please provide the name of the best contact person.
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Submitting photos
Submit photos for the project (JPG preferred, at least 1024px wide) by using our Dropbox file request link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/T0SDPGWgwwMyL8yDE3E6

Alternatively, you can:

- Submit a link a shared Dropbox or Google Drive folder using the field below
- Mail or drop a CD with images.

Please include the name of the photographer and date for each photo you submit – a spreadsheet or Word document with this information can be submitted along with the photos.

Where are your photos?
If you prefer to submit photos using Dropbox or Google Drive, please submit the link to a shared folder below.
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Achievement Description
Please tell us about this achievement in around 100 to 500 words. Your description should explain why you think this individual or organization should be recognized with a Preservation Achievement Award.
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Review your nomination
Thank you for submitting a Baltimore Heritage Preservation Award nomination! Complete your nomination by selecting submit at the bottom of this page. You *can* make revisions to your nomination after you submit the nomination. Questions or suggestions? Get in touch with Johns Hopkins at 410-332-9992 or hopkins@baltimoreheritage.org.
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