Engineering Expo "Scavenger Hunt" (Form 6)
This activity will encourage students to look into Engineering Expo videos they may not have otherwise looked at and will ask the student a question about the material they have watched. Complete for a prize!
Watch "MRSEC- Studying Single Molecules with the Goldsmith Group": why do scientist use mirrors when studying single molecules? *
Watch "Engineers for a Sustainable World": What is a benefit of aquaponics system they built in the beginning of the video? *
Watch "ASME_Camping": When was your last time going camping? How was your experience? *
Watch "Makerspace Tour Video": What was being made in the 3D printers? *
Watch "Pfefferkorn_Frank_Friction_Surfacing": What are some uses for friction surfacing they talk about in the video *
Watch "Triangle Fraternity- What Inspired Us to be Engineers": What is a new application of engineering, engineering major, or club you learned about in this video? Did any of these stories inspire you? *
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