Questionnaire for Psychiatric Trainees (developed by Moscow Society of Psychiatrists and Moscow Neuropsychiatric Clinic "Neurocentre")
How old are you (years)?
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Your gender?
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Year of your residency?
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Your country?
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After you start your psychiatric career, what will be your estimated monthly income (EUR)?
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What income do you consider comfortable when you start your career? (EUR)
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After you finish your residency, do you plan to...
Which of the following do you consider more important and less important in your work?
The most important
Highly important
Moderately important
Less important
Not important
The wellbeing of my patients
Professional and personal development
Academic and scientific opportunities
Let's assume that after the graduation you plan to practice privately. If you do that, monetary benefits from your private clients will constitute...
What are your primary sources of new knowledge? (check all options that apply)
Do you plan to do research?
Your career goals
Check all answers that apply
Various factors may hinder your professional growth. Please specify the level of influence of those factors.
The most significant
Moderately significant
Less significant
Not significant at all
Low income
Lack of time
Your personal traits (e.g., indecisiveness, etc.)
Uncomfortable working environment
Do you think that your profession will leave a mark on your personality?
(If YES, please specify shortly. Otherwise, type NO.)
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What will be your area of expertise in mental health?
(e.g., forensic psychiaty, child and adolescent psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, addiction medicine, psychotherapy, etc.)
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