Audition Recommendation Form
Teachers and directors are invited to recommend instrumentalists to audition for the 2019 Alberta Jazz Ensemble!

AJE is the province's honour jazz ensemble for instrumentalists in high school with at least three years experience on their instrument and provides a unique opportunity for excellent young musicians from across Alberta to pursue their interest in jazz and musical excellence. The guest director for AJE 2019 is Gordon Foote from Jazz Studies Program in the faculty of Music at the University of Toronto.

Acceptance into AJE is done through a two-stage process:

Directors/teachers give a copy of the Invitation to Audition Letter and Intention to Audition Form to each recommended instrumentalist. Students recommended for an audition are asked to complete the form and return it to their director/teacher. The director/teacher will then submit the Recommendation Form, attaching the Intention to Audition Form for each recommended instrumentalist.

The deadline to recommend instrumentalists is Friday, May 3, 2019.


Once the Recommendation Form has been received, an Audition Packet will be sent by email to each recommended instrumentalist. The Audition Packet contains detailed audition instructions; directors/teachers may help their students in preparing for their audition. The audition is made up of four parts including playing a chromatic scale, playing a jazz standard (a list of standards and charts will be provided), improvisation, and a brief questionnaire. Instrumentalists will submit audition materials online - nothing is mailed in.

The deadline for recommended instrumentalists to upload their audition materials is Friday, May 24.

May 3, 2019 - Deadline to apply for an AJE audition
May 24, 2019 - Deadline to submit audition materials
late June 2019 - Official roster is announced
July 15, 2019 - Deadline for accepted instrumentalists to register and submit the program fee
Schedule Overview
Late September/Early October - Rehearsal Weekend (Red Deer)
Oct 23-26 Residency and Performance (Calgary)

Please note that participation in ALL scheduled rehearsals and performances is mandatory for accepted instrumentalists.

Please provide the following information for each student you are recommending audition for the Alberta Jazz Ensemble:
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