Together for Gymnastics!
If you read the details about the volunteering program on the website, please answer the following questions to apply as volunter for the European Artistic Gymnastics Championship. It should take you about 15 minutes to fill in the form.

All the information that you provide here is confidential and will be used for the sole purpuse of the volunteer program for the 2017 European Artistic Gymnastics Championship in Cluj.

Give us here the details we need to get in touch with you.
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We hope it won't be necessary, but in case anything happens to you, we need someone's contact to inform about your situation. So let us know the name and the phone number of this person.
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There are any specific requirements you need that we should know in order to provide proper work conditions?
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Knowledge, skills and experience
We want to provide an exciting experience for the volunteers at the European Artistic Gymnastics Championship in Cluj. For this to happen we will match your experience and competencies with the roles available whitin the volunteer program.
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Please tell us where did you do volunteer work and what were your roles and responsabilities.
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Do you have a driving licence and want to be part of the drivers team at the European Artistic Gymnastic Championship? *
If you answered "Yes" to the previous question let us know the categories on your driving licence.
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Disponibility and department
We will take into consideration your preferences when the roles will be allocated.

As a volunteer you can be part of one of these departments:

Transportation: This team is responsible for the transportation of athletes, officials and VIPs during the event, whether to provide information about the schedules or routes, arrival and departure points or even drive the official cars.

Spectators support: The spectators energy depends partly on the interaction with the organisers. This team guides spectators to their places in the arena, provides information about the event and supports them along the way when help is needed.

Protocol: Like any sport event, we will have some VIP guests. The protocol team will assist the VIPs and offer information they need.

Field of Play: The stars of the European Gymnstics Championship will shine on the field of play. To ensure that the athletes have the best conditions, this team will pay close attention to all details on the competetion and practice arenas.

Media: The event will be broadcast all over Europe and press teams from all participating countries will travel to Cluj. The media team will support them during the event.

Info Desk: Athletes and officials need easy access to updated information. The Info Desk volunteers will be available at the competition arena and at the accomodation sites.

Ceremonies: Every medal won must be celebrated with a ceremony and this team will make sure the awards ceremony is memorable. They are the ones that love being in front of cameras and are always ready to walk with medals and flowers.

IT: The technical support team will make magic on computers to display the competition results. They will be joined by a few lucky volunteers who will work alongside them.

What is your availability for the European Artistic Gymnstics Championship? *
We will need volunteers between 14th April and 25th April. Keep in mind that on 16th and 17th of April during Easter we will work as well. Also, if you are available more than 7 days you increase younr chances og being selected.
Which department would you like to be part of? *
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Considering that after 60 years the European Artistic Gymnastics Championship will come back in Romania we wish to have by our side passionate and engaged volunteers. Because each and every volunteer has its own drive we are curios to read more about yors.
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