1133 Business Center Improvement
I'm collecting improvement suggestions for the business center in our building.
I work in the business center 4 days a week and I've been frustrated with the quality of pretty much everything; it's really not designed well as a workspace.

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Increase maintenance on the printer. *
The printer is frequently out of paper or out of order. Checking the paper and toner levels should occur daily. (I actually never use the printer because we have our own but I do hear people complain about this often.)
Add power strips above the tables. *
Outlets are not easily accessible from all seats.
Change saloon door to something more soundproof. *
Currently anytime anyone is watching TV or playing with kids in the lounge, it's like their in the same room with me while I'm on a conference call.
Enhance acoustics (sound dampers on the ceilings) to reduce echo while on conference calls. *
Fix the chair legs so they don't screech when sitting down or getting up. *
What else would you improve?
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