GR Gaming CSGO Application
Application to join GR Gaming, a semi-pro mutli-gaming organization, who aspires to become a professional team one day.
What is your in game name in CSGO? (i.e. in Faceit, Sostronk, CEVO, ESEA, matchmaking, etc.) *
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What is your real name? (First name and last name) [If you do get accepted, this will be shown on the official GR Gaming website, so please don't give us any false information.) *
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How many hours have you played CS:GO for? *
Please send us your steam profile link below so we can add you on steam, in order for you to join the steam group, should you be accepted into GR Gaming. *
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Also, please send us your discord profile name and your four-digit personal identification number, so we can add you into the discord server. *
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