Capital Interclub Buddies Challenge
Please submit all the different tasks that you and your interclub buddy has done! For each task, only one person per school has to submit it for it to count for your interclub buddy pair. Remember to submit them as soon as your pair completes them as I do not want to see a flood of response at end! AND MOST OF ALL, HAVE FUN GETTING TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER!

Here is a reminder of the different tasks you can do (points are in the parentheses)
1. Video tape the other school’s cheer and post on their Facebook group page (1)
2. Do a cheer together at a divisional event (only can be done once per event) (1)
3. Go to each other’s meetings (can be done more than once) (1 point per person from other school in attendance)
4. Host a google hangout (enough attendance to be considered an interclub) (1 point per person)
5. Create a shared Spotify playlist, each school must contribute at least 3 Songs (2)
6. Hold a social together (can be done more than once) (3)
7. Steal each others bell/gavel at a general meeting (3)
8. Post a picture with your interclub buddies on any club social media and give them a shout out in the post (all 2 or 3 schools in the interclub buddies have to each post on their respective club social media of choice) (3)
9. Take a pic with an e-board member from the other school (4)
10. Attend a Kiwanis meeting together (enough attendance to be considered an interclub) (4)
11. Attend a service event together (can be done more than once) (5)
12. Create a new interclub cheer for your pair that is at least 4 lines long and video tape it (5)
13. **GRAND BONUS!!!** Do an interclub lip dub video where both clubs (or 3) would meet up together and lip dub to a song of their choice and film it (must be at least 1 min long) (15)

QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, CONCERNS? Message: Kelley Truong (, Zahin Rahman (, or Jennifer Sandoval (

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