New User Request                        Horizon Connections, Inc.
Please fill out all questions with the best answers.  The more information received, the better the new user experience.  User passwords will be submitted to company contact once new user credentials are created.
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Company Name *
Name of the company the new user will work for.
When will this person start work? *
Please indicate the persons first day where computer access will be needed.
First Name *
New User First Name
Middle Name
New user middle name.
Last Name *
New user last name.
What will be this users job function?
Please indicate the job function for this users in your company.
Phone Number *
Business Phone Number for this user
What is the users cell phone number?
Please list the users cell phone number for emergency questions.
Work Location *
Address the new user will work at.
Requested User Name *
User Name for both network and email login.
Will this user require a new PC or Use an existing PC? *
Please indicate if this user will be needing new equipment.
What day can HCI begin setup of new user? *
Please indicate the day the PC will be available for setup.
Add user to Email System? *
Will this user be added as a new user to your email system?
What data shares will this user need? *
Please indicate what data shares (drive letters or share names) the user will access.
What software will they be using? *
Please list all software package (versions where needed) this user will need access to separated by  commas
Which printer will this user access? *
Please list all printers the user will need access to with model numbers.
Will they have smart phone access to company resources? *
Please indicate if HCI will be setting up a smartphone for email/calendar access.
Will this user need remote access to the network? *
Please indicate if this user will access the network from outside the physical location.
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