Spring 2021 Tutor Request Form

Please read carefully so you can understand how tutoring works! There's a lot of information below that you need to know. Questions? Email tutoring@coe.edu.

**Tutors are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We may not be able to accommodate all tutor requests, but we will do our very best to get you help of SOME kind. So, even if you aren't sure you can get a tutor, please fill out this form so we know you need help!**

** Please submit a SEPARATE online tutor request form for EACH COURSE...this is critical for our record keeping!

** You may be paired up with a specific tutor, or you may be granted access in WC Online (https://coe.mywconline.net/) to self-schedule your own tutoring sessions for approved courses.
** Students who request a tutor for more than two courses may be asked meet with an Academic Coach or a Learning Commons Consultant to discern the need for additional academic support.
** Tutoring sessions are generally in 60 minute increments.
** ALL tutoring will take place either in the Learning Commons or virtually. Your tutor will clock in/clock out using WCOnline; time clock data will be used for payroll purposes. We reserve the right to verify each tutoring session!
** If approved for peer tutoring, you will be generally approved for three 1-hour tutoring sessions per course, per week. If you need more time, please take that time. We will be in touch to make sure you are getting all the help you need for that class.
** After you have submitted this online Tutor Request Form, you will receive an email (to your Coe email address) within 1-4 business days containing further information and instructions. Your tutoring account in WCOnline will be activated once your tutor request has been approved.
** All students who receive tutoring assistance are expected to attend class and keep up with readings and assignments. Tutoring is never a substitution for class attendance!
** If concerns arise, email tutoring@coe.edu for assistance.
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