52GID Sign Up form 2017
If you are interested in the 52GID please use this form to sign up and find out more. Please make sure you've read the full requirements on the separate google doc here - http://bit.ly/1mBWyuS
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52 Weeks of GID - The project
Please choose months where you could take any week.
The more flexible you are the easier it will be to find a week for you!
What month works best for you to share your GID practice? *
Special events or Celebrations of Learning during Share
52GID is a great way for catching moments in your learning to share with others.

For example-
Are you planning to share your Guided Inquiry Design at events such as state or other conferences?
Within your school or district (like to the Board of Ed)?
OR What are the units that you are teaching and excited about? When will the Share phase take place?
Please let us know if you have any special events that you are planning.

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What unique perspective are you hoping to share?
Some ideas are -
Student learning through inquiry
Organization of the unit to support learners
Embedded Information literacy Learning (this is a biggie this year!)
a library perspective, teacher perspective on content development through GID, Guided Inquiry from a leader's stand point, teacher coach, special education, a celebration of student learning, growing collaborative partnerships, building inquiry at a school or district, a challenge you had and how you overcame it, something you're working on with inquiry practice...
My unique perspective is... *
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