3CW Sunday Service Signup for Sunday January 24, 2021 主日崇拜 1/24 预先注册
Due to COVID-19 we require RSVP for Sunday service. if anyone in your party has any symptoms listed in here, or are not able or willing to wear a properly mask, please continue to join our livestream service online www.3cw.org/live . Attendance is also limited due to social distancing. We will stop the signup at 50 people.
由于COVID-19的原因,如果您想出席,来教会参与主日崇拜,我们需要您预先注册报名。如果与您同行中有人有此处列出的任何症状,或不能,或不愿意戴上合适的口罩,我们请您加入我们的在线直播崇拜 www.3cw.org/live。由于社交距离的关系,出席人数也有限。出席注册只限制于50人。
Name 你的名字 *
Phone Number
Number of People in your party including yourself.与你同行人数(包括你在内) *
No one in my party has any of the following symptoms: fever(100.4 or higher), cough, difficulty breathing, loss of smell. 与您同行人中 没有以下的症状:发烧(100.4度以上),咳嗽,呼吸困难,失去嗅觉味觉。 *
No one in my party has been in close contact with anyone who has the above symptoms or has been tested for positive for COVID-19.与您同行人中在近期内没有与新冠病毒患者或以上症状人接触。 *
Everyone in my party will wear a properly fitted mask at all times (including children under 5) 与您同行人中同意带上适当的口罩(包括5岁以下儿童) *
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