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You are filling out this form because you are interested in learning more about SunCruces Angels (SCA), and we are interested in learning more about you. SCA is non-for-profit entity whose purpose is to create educational programs for investors, as well as provide a forum startups and small businesses with high growth potential from the Borderplex region to present their businesses.  Members who join should have a basic understanding of the SEC parameters for accredited investors.  Filing out this form does not commit you to membership, nor does it imply satisfying any SEC parameters. You can also review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) posted on the SunCruces Angels website. If you have any questions after you complete the form, do not hesitate to contact SunCruces Angels at
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SunCruces Angels strives to be a place where investors and entrepreneurs can come together, learn from other, forge strong, positive relationships and create opportunities for growth in the region. We strive to treat other with respect and candor, and expect others to treat us as such.  We will not tolerate dissemination of false information, co-opting opportunities that the group sourced, misrepresenting the group or alienating investors or entrepreneurs for the sake of personal advancement.  Doing so will forfeit membership. Do you agree with this statement? *
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