Open letter by academics at Australian universities calling for release of Professor Sean Turnell from detention in Myanmar
We the undersigned academics at Australian universities urge that the Government of Myanmar release our colleague Associate Professor Sean Turnell without delay.

Professor Turnell was detained in Myanmar on February 6, five days after the declaration of a state of emergency on February 1, when senior members of the National League for Democracy, including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, were also detained. According to the Australian Government he was initially held at a police station.

An economist based at Macquarie University in Sydney, Professor Turnell is well known for his research on Myanmar’s banking sector. In recent years Professor Turnell spent much of his time in Myanmar, offering economic advice, and working with the Myanmar Development Institute.

That Professor Turnell is an academic with a strong and genuine commitment to Myanmar there can be no doubt. His credibility and ethics are exemplary. His detention is unjustified. We call for his immediate release, without charge.

1.Professor Catherine Renshaw, School of Law, Western Sydney University
2.Patrick Jory, University of Queensland
3.Professor Melissa Crouch, University of New South Wales
4.Honorary Associate Professor Charlotte Galloway, Director of MRC, Australian National University
5.Tamas Wells, Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
6.Dr. April Biccum, Senior Lecturer, Australian National University
7.Dr. Katrin Travouillon, Australian National University, Lecturer
8.Meda Couzens, School of Law, Western Sydney University, Lecturer
9.Dinith Adikari, PhD Candidate, Australian National University
10.Dr Lee Morgenbesser, Senior Lecturer, Griffith University
11.Ben Hillman, Director, Policy and Governance Program, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University
12.Colum Graham, Australian National University, PhD candidate
13.Michele Ford, Director, Sydney Southeast Asia Centre
14.Professor Martin Krygier, University of New South Wales
15.Kirsten Taylor, Deakin University
16.Dr Justine Chambers, Visiting Fellow, Australian National University
17.Christopher Lamb, University of Melbourne
18.Professor Susan Harris Rimmer, Director of the Policy Innovation Hub, Griffith University
19.Roxanne Missingham, University Librarian, Australian National University
20.Professor Theunis Roux, UNSW Sydney
21.Dr Kearrin Sims, James Cook University
22.Dr Aidan Craney, La Trobe University, Lecturer
23.Michael Gillan, Associate Professor, UWA Business School, The University of Western Australia
24.Emeritus Professor Tamara Jacka, College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University
25.Kate McGregor, University of Melbourne and President of the Asian Studies Association of Australia
26.Dr Michael Breen, University of Melbourne, Research Fellow
27.Dr Emma Palmer, Griffith Law School, Lecturer in International Law
28.Dr Brooke Wilmsen, La Trobe University, Senior Lecturer
29.Peter Drysdale, Emeritus Professor, The Australian National University
30.Dr Georgina Drew, Senior Lecturer, University of Adelaide
31.Dr Adam Simpson, University of South Australia, Senior Lecturer
32.Professor (Colonel, Ret'd) John Blaxland, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Coral Bell School, Australian National University
33.Dr Aidan Craney, La Trobe University, Lecturer
34.Dr Andrew Selth, Adjunct Professor, Griffith Asia Institute
35.Dr Paul Hodge, University of Newcastle
36.Tanya Jakimow, Assoc Prof, College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University
37.Dr Nick Cheesman, Fellow, Australian National University
38.Simon Foale, James Cook University, Associate Professor
39.Dr Elly Kent, Australian National University, Editor of
40.Ben Kerkvliet, Emeritus Professor, Australian National University
41.Dr Rebecca Pearse, Australian National University, Lecturer
42.Bina Fernandez, Associate Professor in Development Studies, University of Melbourne
43.Dr Sverre Molland, School of Archaeology & Anthropology, Australian National University
44.La Phan, ANU Alumnus
45.Assoc Prof Anthony Ware, Deakin University
46.Professor Peter Warr, Australian National University, Emeritus Professor
47.Lan Anh Hoang, The University of Melbourne, Associate Professor in Development Studies
48.Dr Debra McDougall, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, University of Melbourne and President of the Australian Anthropological Society
49.Dr Zahid Shahab Ahmed, Research Fellow, Deakin University, Australia
50.Dr Morgan Harrington, Research Fellow, Australian National University
51.Professor Damien Kingsbury, Deakin University
52.Dr Costas Laoutides, Associate Professor, Deakin University
53.Professor Emma Kowal, Deakin University
54.Dr Vicki Ware, Senior Lecturer, Deakin University
55.Mary Ana McGlasson, Deakin University, Associate Professor, Director: Centre for Humanitarian Leadership
56.Associate Professor Lisa L Wynn, School of Social Sciences, Macquarie University
57.Hanne Worsoe, PhD student, University of Queensland
58.Bradon Ellem, The University of Sydney, Professor of Employment Relations
59.Dr Lia Kent, Fellow, Australian National University
60.Carlyle A. Thayer, UNSW Canberra, Emeritus Professor
61.Dr Aim Sinpeng, Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney
62.Roger Huang, Macquarie University, Lecturer  
63.Holly High, Associate Professor, University of Sydney
64.John Clark, Professor Emeritus, University of Sydney
65.Professor Marian Baird AO, The University of Sydney
66.Peter Robertson, UWA, Professor
67.Hal Hill, emeritus professor, ANU
68.Dr Frances Flanagan, University of Sydney, Sydney Fellow
69.Philip Hirsch, Emeritus Professor, University of Sydney
70.Bidhya Chapagain, PhD Candidate, Deakin University
71.Dr Meraiah Foley, The University of Sydney Business School
72.Professor Andrew R. Timming, RMIT University
73.Russell Lansbury   Emeritus Professor, University of Sydney
74.Honorary Professor John McKay, Deakin University
75.Dr Samantha Balaton-Chrimes, Deakin University
76.Htwe Htwe Thein, Assoc Prof, Curtin University
77.Professor Greg Downey, Macquarie School of Social Sciences, Macquarie University
78.Professor Gaby Ramia, University of Sydney
79.Shannon Harmer McSolvin, Deakin University, PhD Candidate
80.Adjunct Professor Chris Sidoti, Australian Catholic University
81.Dr Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings, Deakin University, Lecturer in Humanitarian Studies
82.Alex Lefebvre, University of Sydney, Professor
83.Professor Mark McGillivray,  Deakin University, Professor of International Development
84.Alan Morris, University of Technology Sydney Professor in Institute for Public Policy and Governance
85.Honorary Associate Prof Peter Kriesler, UNSW
86.Em Prof Lyn Parker, University of Western Australia and Australian National University
87.Chris F Wright, Associate Professor, University of Sydney
88.Laura Dales, The University of Western Australia, Senior Lecturer
89.Professor Paul Oslington, Alphacrucis College and Charles Sturt University
90.Dick Bryan, Emeritus Professor, University of Sydney
91.Dr. Gil Merom, GIR, University of Sydney
92.Dr W. Kathy Tannous, Senior Lecturer, Economics, Finance and Property Discipline, Western Sydney University
93.Tony Aspromourgos, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Sydney
94.Joseph Halevi   University of Sydney - retired.
95.Peter McCawley, Australian National University
96.Dr Kelly Gerard, University of Western Australia, Senior Lecturer
97.Jerry Courvisanos, Associate Professor, Federation University Australia
98.Elizabeth Webster, Pro Vice Chancellor, Swinburne University of Technology
99.Peter Earl, University of Queensland, Honorary Associate Professor of Economics
100.Associate Professor Sarah Phillips, The University of Sydney
101.Dr Lennon Chang, Senior Lecturer, Monash University
102.Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Samuel, Hon. Associate, University of Sydney
103.Dr Shann Turnbull, Principal: International Institute for Self-governance
104.Professor Rod O'Donnell, University of Technology Sydney
105.Dr Tom Barnes, Institute for Humanities & Social Sciences, Australian Catholic University
106.Assoc Prof Michael J. Wise, University of Western Australia
107. Craig J. Reynolds, Australian National University
108. Dr Leanne Kelly, NIKERI Tutor, Deakin University
109. Felicity Gray, PhD Scholar, Australian National University
110. Frank Stilwell, Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Economy, University of Sydney
111. Dr. Susan Banki, Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney
112. Anne Décobert, The University of Melbourne
113. Associate Professor Stuart Rosewarne, The University of Sydney
114. Prof Nigel de Bussy, Curtin University, Pro Vice-Chancellor
115. Senia Kalfa, Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University
116. Professor Monique Skidmore
117. Dr Gareth Bryant, University of Sydney
118. Dr Evan Jones, Honorary Associate, University of Sydney
119.Associate Professor Bill Dunn, University of Sydney
120. Dr Chiraag Roy, Deakin University
121. Dr Neil Perry, Senior Lecturer, Western Sydney University
122. Troy Henderson, Lecturer, University of Sydney
123. Dr Bob Davidson, Honorary Research fellow, Macquarie University
124. Anjalee Cohen, Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney
125. Arghya Ghosh, UNSW Sydney, Professor
126. Marcus Mietzner, Associate Professor, Australian National University
127. Dr Estrella Pearce, University of Sydney
128. Dr. Natalia Maystorovich Chulio, University of Sydney, Research Fellow
129. David Kinley, Professor of Human Rights Law, University of Sydney
130. Micaela Pattison, Lecturer in History, ANU
131. Paul Bergey, University of Western Australia, Associate Professor
132. Dr Toby Fitch, University of Sydney
133. Dr Trish Todd, Senior Honorary Research Fellow, University of Western Australia
134. Kyungja Jung, University of Technology Sydney, Associate Professor
135. Robert Dixon Professor University of Melbourne
136. Professor Gillian Yeo, University of Western Australia
137. Dr Peter Ross Honorary Senior Lecturer UNSW
138. Dr Antoine Musu, University of Western Australia, Lecturer
139. Dr Michael Palmer, University of Western Australia
140. Associate Professor Anne Junor, UNSW
141. Dr. Joseph Carpini, Lecturer, University of Western Australia
142. Emeritus Professor Sue Kenny, Deakin University
143. Dr David Bourchier, University of Western Australia
144. Adjunct Professor Ian Kerr, Curtin University
145. A/Prof Greg Martin, University of Sydney
146. Dr Ainsley Elbra, Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney
147. Geoff Soutar, UWA, emeritus Professor
148. Dr Jennifer Huch-Hoogvliet, University of Sydney, Technical Team Leader
149. A/Prof Greg Martin, University of Sydney
150. Joel Griggs, Sydney University
151. Professor Rosita Henry, Anthropology, James Cook University
152.Dr Jacquie Hutchinson, University of Western Australia
153.Assoc. Professor Russell Thomson, Swinburne University of Technology
154. Robert Marks, UNSW, Emeritus Professor of Economics
155. Professor Simon Rice, OAM, Kim Santow Chair of Law and Social Justice, University of Sydney
156.Peter Docherty, University of Technology Sydney, Associate Professor
157.Thomas Reuter, University of Melbourne, Professor
158. Francesca Merlan, school of archaeology and anthropology, Australian national university
159. Professor Danielle Celermajer, University of Sydney
160. Dr Jessica Milner Davis, University of Sydney
161.Gavan John Butler PhD, AM, Honorary Associate, Department of Political Economy, The University of Sydney
162. Dr Jayde Roberts, UNSW Sydney, Senior Lecturer
163. Dr Charan Bal, Lecturer, University of Western Australia
164. Luis Angosto-Ferrández, University of Sydney, Senior Lecturer
165. Simone Woest , James Cook University
166. Doina Olaru, Associate Professor, University of Western Australia
167.  Associate Professor, Anna Boucher, Associate Professor, Political Science, University of Sydney
168. Professor Veronica Taylor, Australian National University
169.Caleb Goods, Lecturer, University of Western Australia
170. Garry Rodan, University of Queensland, Honorary Professor
171. Gavan John Butler PhD, AM, Honorary Associate, Department of Political Economy, The University of Sydney
172. Antony Gray, Associate Lecturer, UWA Business School, The University of Western Australia
173. Prof Kanishka Jayasuriya , Murdoch University
174. Dr Greg Acciaioli, Senior Honorary Research Fellow, The University of Western Australia
175. Martin Harvey, PhD student, University of Southern Queensland
176. Professor James Arvanitakis, Western Sydney University
177. Jakob B Madsen, Professor, University of Western Australia
178. John King, Emeritus Professor, La Trobe University
179. Professor Mark McGillivray,  Deakin University, Professor of International Development
180. Dr Imelda Deinla, Australian National University
181. Than Tun, Honorary Lecturer, Australian National University
182. Assoc Prof Jane Hutchison, Murdoch University
183. Joe Collins, Lecturer, University of Sydney
184. Dr Rochelle Spencer, co-director Centre for Responsible Citizenship & Sustainability, Murdoch University
185. Dr Tobias Ide, Murdoch University
186. Prue Kerr, Visitor, School of Economics, University of Adelaide.
187. Rudy Lopes, PhD Candidate, University of Melbourne
188. Myat Noe Han, Masters Student, University of Melbourne
189. Dr Kate Gomersall, Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
190. Raja Junankar, Emeritus Professor, Western Sydney University
191. Michael Beggs, Senior Lecturer, Political Economy, University of Sydney
192.Dr Victoria Mason, Senior Lecturer, Murdoch University
193. Dr Kynan Gentry, University of Western Australia
194. Emeritus Professor Joe Lo Bianco, University of Melbourne
195. Vedi Hadiz, Professor, University of Melbourne
196. Dr Jacqui Baker, Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University
197. Mark Riboldi, Collaborative Research & Policy Manager, Sydney Policy Lab - University of Sydney
198. Dr Candice Boyd, School of Geography, University of Melbourne
199. Cecilia Jacob, Australian National University
200. Associate Professor, Wolfram Dressler, University of Melbourne
201. Andrew Rosser, Professor of Southeast Asian Studies, University of Melbourne
202. Professor Mark Harris, Curtin Univesity, Australia
203. Dr Tracy Hopkins Curtin University
204. Veronica Lawrance, Lecurer, Curtin University, Western Australia
205. Dr Narrelle Morris, Senior Lecturer, Curtin University
206. Aye Min Soe, Research Assistant, University of Melbourne
207.Caroline Robson, Manager of Partnerships & Engagement, Curtin University
208.  Sonia Raghav, Lecturer, Curtin University, Australia
209. Sagi Mathew, Lecturer, Curtin University
210. Benazir Radmanesh - Curtin University - Student Experience & Career Development Coordinator
211. Susanna Dechent, Lecturer, Curtin University
212. Meredith Hunter, Sessional Lecturer
213. Miriam Sullivan, Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Curtin University
214. Faye Sanders, Marketing Coordinator, Curtin University
215. Dr Benjamin Sacks, Lecturer, Curtin University
216. Jane Coffey, Curtin University
217. Adjunct Professor Robert Guthrie, Curtin University
218. Associate Professor Bella Butler, Curtin University
219. Sian Flynne, Business Manager, School of Accounting, Economics & Finance, Curtin University, WA
220. Dr Hugh Finn, Lecturer, Curtin University
221. Professor Shaun Francis Goldfinch
222. Dr Melissa Marinelli, Research Fellow, The University of Western Australia
223. Natalie Griffiths, PhD Candidate, University of Western Australia
224. Professor Kirsten Holmes, Curtin University
225. Dr. M.K. Ward, Research Fellow, Curtin University
226. Jacqueline Boaks, Lecturer, Curtin University
227. Dr Ramon Wenzel, Senior Lecturer, Curtin University
228. Dr Rohini Balapumi, Curtin University
229. Leza Duplock, John Curtin Institute of Public Policy, Curtin University
230. Dr Michael Baird, Senior Lecturer, Curtin University
231. Dr. Graham Ferguson, Academic, Curtin University
232. Dr Torsten Reiners, Curtin University
234. Dr Philip Glover, Lecturer, Curtin University
235. Rachel Ong Viforj, Professor, Curtin University
236. Dr Tom Barratt, Lecturer, Edith Cowan Universityty
237. Cheryl Tien, Business Operations Coordinator, Curtin University
238. Hannah Carson, Lecturer, Curtin University
239. Dr Alan Crake, Lecturer, Curtin University
240. Prof Nigel de Bussy, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Business and Law, Curtin University, Perth
241. Kelly Nowak, Curtin University
242. Dr Yifan Zhong, Lecturer, Curtin University
245. Alexander Jayasuria, Student/Researcher, Curtin University
246. Susan Willis Curtin University,
247. Daniela M. Andrei, Senior Research Fellow, Curtin University
248. Jamie Reilly, associate professor, University of Sydney
249.Brad Birt, PhD Researcher, Curtin University
250. Emeritus Professor Harry Bloch, Curtin University
251. Professor Fran Ackermann, Curtin University
252. Harjinder Singh, Senior Lecturer, Curtin University
253. Samir Ranjan Chatterjee, Curtin University
254. Professor Marylene Gagne, Curtin University
255. Dr Paull Weber, Senior Lecturer, Curtin University
256.Bridget Tombleson, Lecturer, Curtin University
257. Adil Hammadi, Lecturer, Curtin University
258. Michael Levine emeritus professor University of Western Australia
259. Associate Professor Subra Ananthram, Curtin University
260. Dannielle Finnerty, Curtin University
261. Claire Otway, Curtin University
262. Dr Francis Norman, Instructor, Curtin University
263. Associate Professor Katharina Wolf, Curtin University
264. Majedul Islam, Sessional Academic, Curtin Universityty
265. Professor Ben Saul, Challis Chair of International Law, University of Sydney
266. Associate Professor Peter Dell, Curtin University
267. Dr. Gina Chatellier, Research Assistant, Curtin University
268. Mostafa Haider, Lecturer, Curtin Law School, Curtin University
269. Assoc Prof Steve Dix, Curtin University
270. Dr. Hossein Mohammadi, Lecturer, Curtin University
271. Dr. Luke Butcher, Senior Lecturer, Curtin University
272. Dr Michael Wilson, Curtin University
273. Dr Eileen Aitken-Fox, Curtin University
274. Dr Lex Fullarton, Adjunct Professor, Curtin Law School
275. Dr Amit Rudra, Lecturer, Curtin University, Perth, Australia
276. Cherie Ha, Teaching Assistant, Curtin University
277. Prof/Assoc Prof Simon Batterbury, Lancaster University/University of Melbourne
278. Adam Crowe, Research Associate, Curtin University
279. Dr Fazlul Rabbanee, Senior Lecturer, School of Management and Marketing, Curtin University  
280. Dr Rachel Hughes, University of Melbourne
281. Cherie Ha, Teaching Assistant, Curtin University
282. Professor Mark McGillivray,  Deakin University, Professor of International Development
283.Dr. Susan Schroeder, Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney
284. Dr Christoph Sperfeldt, University of Melbourne
285. Dr Beatriz Carrillo Garcia, Senior Lecturer, FASS, USYD
286. Vickie Zhang, PhD Student, The University of Melbourne
287. Genevieve Gurr, Curtin University
288. Danielle Wood, President Economic Society of Australia
289. Scott Fitzgerald, Associate Professor, School of Management & Marketing, Curtin University
290. Endah Ibrahim, Sessional Academic, Curtin University
291. Dr. Jeff Garmany, Senior Lecturer of Latin American Studies, University of Melbourne
292. Diane Garnham, Administrative Officer, Curtin University
293. Dr Gillian Cornish, casual academic and independent researcher, University of Queensland
294. Annette Thompson, Senior Information Officer, Curtin University
295. Paul Hutchcroft, Professor, Australian National University
296. Michael Baldwin, Curtin University
297. Cecilia Braun, administration, Curtin University
298. Gregory White, Senior Lecturer, School of Accounting, Economics & Finance, Curtin University
299. Dr. Michael Rubin, Lecturer, University of Western Australia
300. Dr Ron Maas, Lecturer, University of Western Australia
301. Professor Steven Rowley, Curtin University
302. Lynn Duong, Curtin University
303. Dr Paul Fawcett, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Chair of Political Science Discipline, University of Melbourne
304. Robert Cribb, Professor of Asian History, Australian National University
305. Ngoc Nguyen, Macquarie University
306. Dr. Cindy Ann Smith, Curtin University
307. Dr Lisa Stefanoff, Adjunct, CDU CIFAS
308. Associate Professor Marina Ciccarelli, Curtin University
309. Dr Allan Patience, Fellow, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne
310. Dr Ha Pham, Australian National University
311. Miranda Franks, International Masters in Adult Education for Social Change
312. Dr Carla Winston, University of Melbourne
313. Jonathan Liljeblad, Australian National University
314. Claire Akhbari, the University of Melbourne
315. Renee Fry-McKibbin, Professor, Australian National University
316. Nuwan Ratnayake. Curtin University
317. Professor Warwick McKibbin, Director CAMA, ANU
318. Dr Kate Williams, University of Melbourne
319. Dr Chaitanya Sambrani, Australian National University
320. Mark Considine, Professor, Australian National University
321. Dr Pradeep Taneja, Senior Lecturer, The University of Melbourne
322. Sarah Maddison, Professor of Politics, University of Melbourne
323. Moeen Cheema, Associate Professor, ANU
324. Lynda Durack, Curtin University
325. Reva Rambiah, Curtin University
326. Em Prof D Brynn Hibbert, School of Chemistry, UNSW Sydney
327. Mina Cho, Curtin University
328. Dr Barbara Blundell, Senior Lecturer, School of Allied Health, Curtin University
329. John Langmore, Professorial Fellow, SSPS, University of Melbourne
330. Dr Raul Sanchez Urribarri, Senior Lecturer, La Trobe University (Melbourne)
331.Joel Louie, Senior Lecturer, Curtin University
332. Dr Anna Bunn, Senior Lecturer, Curtin Law School, Curtin University
333.Ihsan Yilmaz, Research Professor, Deakin University
334. Cleve V. Arguelles, PhD candidate, Australian National University
335. Dr Sally White, Australian National University
336.Dr Rita Parker, Centre for European Studies, Australian National University
337. Tim Harcourt, Professor of Practice in Economics, UNSW
338. Long Chu, ANU
339. Catriona Elder, University of Sydney
340. Christine Soo, Associate Professor, University of Western Australia
341. Eden Riley, Student, ANU
342. Dr Ross Tapsell, Senior Lecturer, ANU.
343. Dr Melanie O'Brien, Senior Lecturer, University of Western Australia
344. Kaung Khant Hein, Australian National University
345.Jenson Benjamin Vincent, Macquarie University
346. A/Prof Tim Hannan, Charles Sturt University
347. Rafael Nuyda, Student, Macquarie University
348. Kate Bellchambers, PhD Candidate, Australian National University
349. Callum Dargavel, Student, ANU
350. Anthea Snowsill, PhD Candidate, The Australian National University
351.Louisa McMillan, masters student, UNSW
352. Richard McMillan, Masters Student, RMIT
353.Samuel Hmung, Australian National University
354. Vivien Holmes, Associate Professor, ANU
355. Kihong Mun, PhD student, University of Sydney
356. Dr Sue Thompson, Associate Professor, ANU
357. Dr Tobia Fattore, Macquarie University
358. Anh Tuan Bui, Senior Lecturer, Adelaide Institute of Higher Education
359. Thu Phuong Pham, Senior Lecturer, University of Adelaide
360.Dr Lien Duong, Senior Lecturer, Curtin University
361. Dr Savitri Taylor, Associate Professor, La Trobe University
362. Professor Michele Grossman, Research Chair, Alfred Deakin Institute, Deakin University
363. Dr Diarmaid Harkin, Deakin University
364.Steven Slaughter, Associate Professor, Deakin University
365. Dr Ariane Utomo, University of Melbourne
366. Dr Danielle Chubb, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Deakin University
367.Dara Conduit, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Deakin University
368. Dr Ali Mozaffari, Senior Research Fellow, Alfred Deakin Institute, Deakin University
369. Craig MacMillan Honorary Senior Lecturer Macquarie University
370. Dr Mary Iliadis, Senior Lecturer, Deakin University
371. Greg Barton, Professor of Global Islamic Politics, Deakin University
372. Dr John R Morss, Senior Lecturer, Deakin Law School
373. Dr. Michael Dobbie, Macquarie University
374. Professor Reece Walters, Deakin University
375. Dr Huong Le Thu, Visiting Fellow, Australian National University
376.Dr Ian Wilson, Senior Lecturer, Murdoch University
378. Dr Jessica Kirk, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Griffith University
379. David Kim, Associate Professor, University of Sydney
380. Shahram Akbarzadeh, Professor, Deakin University
381. Emeritus Professor Terence Hull, Australian National University
382. David Throsby, Professor of Economics, Macquarie university
383. Dr John Butcher, Research Fellow, John Curtin School of Public Policy
384. Associate Professor Anne Junor, University of New South Wales
385. Dr Adam Czarnota, Associate Professor UNSW
386. Vivien Holmes, Associate Professor, ANU
387. Paul Burke, Associate Professor, Australian National University
388. Trang Ha, Masters Student, Macquarie University
389. Dr Naomi Francis, Monash University
390. Chris Manning Honorary Fellow ANU
391. Prema-chandra Athukorala,  Emeritus Professor of Economics, Australian National University
392. Ross McLeod, Adjunct Associate Professor, ANU
393. Dr Thomas Longden, Fellow, ANU
394. Larry Weifeng Liu, Research Fellow, Australian National University
395. Shiro Armstrong, Associate Professor, The Australian National University
396. Dr Craig Mellare, Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney
397. Professor Anita Harris, Deakin University
398. Emeritus Professor Ron Duncan AO,  Australian National University
399. Dodo J Thampapillai, Visiting Fellow, Australian National University; Adjunct Professor Macquarie University
400. Dr Andrew Brennan, Senior Lecturer, Curtin University
401. Dr Ali Mozaffari, Senior Research Fellow, Alfred Deakin Institute, Deakin University
402. Ryan Edwards, Deputy Director and Fellow, ANU.
403. Dr Quentin Grafton, Professor, The Australian National University
404. Dr. Katie Hail Jares, Lecturer, School Of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University
405. A/Prof Nichole Georgeou, Western Sydney University
406. Trudy Rudge, Professor, University of Sydney
407. Professor Stephen Howes, Australian National University
408. Elisabetta Magnani, Macquarie University
409. Gillian Hewitson, Casual academic, Western Sydney University
410. Matt Absalom, The University of Melbourne
411. A/Professor Susan Oguro, University of Technology Sydney
412. Anu Rammohan, Professor, University of Western Australia
413. Jonathan Symons, Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University
414. Dr Sung-Young Kim, Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University
415. Dr Lavina Lee, Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University
416. Adjunct Professor John Lee, Sydney University
417. Dr Amy Barrow, Macquarie University
418. Dr Francesca Dominello, Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University
419. Dr Andrew Burke, Macquarie Law School
420. Mark Bray, Emeritus Professor, University of Newcastle
421. Donella Caspersz, Senior Lecturer, University of Western Australia
422. Danielle Somers, A/Director Office for Global Health, University of Sydney
423. Professor Cathy Brigden, RMIT University
424. Associate Professor, Dr Lise Barry, Macquarie University
425. Mee Mee Zaw, University of Western Australia
426. Dr Nicole Woolf, University of Western Australia
427. Professor James Curran, History, Sydney University
428. Dr David Gilbert, Visiting Fellow, ANU
429. Professor Marc De Vos, Dean, Macquarie University Law School
430. Dr. Keith Barney, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU.
431.Professor Budy Resosudarmo,  Australian National University
432. Dr Stephanie Koorey, Australian National University
433. Professor Jeremy Farrall, Australian National University
434. Neha Mishra, Lecturer, ANU College of Law
435. Dr Michelle Worthington, Australian National University
436. Associate Professor Amelia Simpson, Australian National University
437. Dr Jessica Hambly, ANU College of Law
438. Professor Katie Holmes, La Trobe University
439. Dr Colin James, Australian National University
440. Dr. Andrew Burridge, Lecturer, Macquarie University
441. Dr Cassandra Steer, Senior Lecturer, Australian National University
442. Dr Anne Macduff, Senior Lecturer, ANU College of Law, ANU
443. Barry Yau, Senior Lecturer, ANU
444. Dr Darryn Jensen, Senior Lecturer, Australian National University
445. Associate Professor Ron Levy, Australian National University
446. Associate Professor, Dr Kate Ogg, Australian National University
447. Dr Anne Macduff, Senior Lecturer, ANU College of Law
448. Jeni Engel, Senior Lecturer, UNSW Sydney
449. Professor Pauline Ridge, Australian National University
450. A/Professor Anthony Hopkins, Australian National University
451. Matthew Zagor, Associate Professor, ANU College of Law
452. Dr Arianto A. Patunru, Australian National University
453. Geoff Holland, Adjunct Fellow, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney
454. Dr Sara Dehm, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney
455. Luke Corbin, MRC, ANU
456. Nicholas Coppel, Adjunct Associate Professor, Monash University
457. Dr Jayde Lin Roberts, Senior Lecturer, UNSW Sydney
458. Dr D. Bondy Valdovinos Kaye, Digital Media Research Centre, Queensland University of Technology
459. Zin Mar Myint, PhD Candidate, Queensland University of Technology
460. Hunter Marston, PhD student, Australian National University
461. Nicola Williams, ANU
462. Nathan Willis, PhD Candidate, Southern Cross University.
463. Dr. Yuri Takahashi, Lecturer, Australian National University
464. Professor Nicolas Farrelly, Head of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania
465. Nicholas Ross, PhD student Australian National University
466. David Hundt, Associate Professor of International Relations, Deakin University
467. Emily Cheesman, Hon. Research Fellow, University of Melbourne
468. Dr Lily O’Neill,  Research Fellow, ANU
469. Dr. Johanna Garnett, Lecturer Peace Studies, University of New England
470. Dale Kleeman, Senior Lecturer, University of Canberra
471. Pierre van der Eng, Associate Professor, Australian National University
472. Gabriele Bammer, Professor, Australian National University
473. Saw Nyo, Alumni Australian National University
474. Megan Watts, Lecturer, University of Canberra
475. Petra Mahy, Senior Lecturer, Monash University
476. Chavalin Svetanant, Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University
478. Sarah Gosper, PhD Student, University of Melbourne
479.Professor Howard Dick, Professorial Fellow, Melbourne University
480. Jeffrey Mellefont, Hon Research Associate, Australan National Maritime Museum
481. Professor Pip Nicholson, Dean, Melbourne Law School
482. Dr Tets Kimura, Research Associate, Flinders University
483. Dr Hannah Soong, Senior Lecturer, University of South Australia
484.Dr Julie Suares
485. Prof Sarah Teasley, RMIT University
486. Elisabeth Kramer, Deputy Director, University of Sydney
487. Dr Steven Drakeley Senior Lecturer Western Sydney University
488. Michael Barr, Associate Professor, Flinders University
489. Nicholas Herriman, Senior Lecturer, La Trobe University
490. Honorary Associate Professor Nerida Jarkey, University of Sydney
491. Associate Professor Fiona Miller, Geography and Planning, School of Social Sciences, Macquarie University
492. Dr John Hawkins, Senior Lecturer, University of Canberra
493. Dr Ken Setiawan, Lecturer in Asian / Indonesian Studies, The University of Melbourne
494. Catherine West, Deakin University
495. Professor Victoria Haskins, University of Newcastle
496. Natali Pearson, Sydney Southeast Asia Centre
497. Associate Professor David Bourchier, University of Western Australia
498. Catherine Condon, Clinical Neuropsychologist, University of Melbourne
499. Morten Pedersen, Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales Canberra
500. Gigi Foster, Professor, University of New South Wales

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