Buzludzha Visitor Survey
My name is Richard F. Morten and I'm a PhD candidate with the Institute for Dark Tourism Research (iDTR), at the University of Central Lancashire, UK.

I am currently researching the Buzludzha monument in Bulgaria. My project aims to show:

- What the monument means, who still goes there, and why;
- Whether it could have a useful future in contemporary Bulgaria;
- What this all says about the process a nation goes through in dealing with difficult heritage.

After submitting a few details about yourself, there follow 20 questions – a mixture of short response and multiple choice questions.

This survey is aimed at past visitors to the Buzludzha monument, and it will help to inform a discussion about the monument's potential as a tourism destination. Mostly it aims to understand current levels of tourism, but it will also ask for your feelings about potential future plans for the site.

The survey asks for your name, which will only be seen by myself. Your data will be stored under your initials and if you prefer, you are welcome to enter just your initials instead of a name. By submitting your responses you agree to them being recorded and processed for the purposes of this research. However, you may withdraw from participating in this survey at any point – now, or up until the end of 2018 when the analysis phase begins. Until then, your data will be securely stored in a password-protected file.

This research project is due to be completed in mid 2019, after which digital records of your data will be erased – though your answers may be quoted anonymously in the final thesis, or in related publications.

If you have any questions about this research you can contact me at: RFMorten@uclan.ac.uk
Alternatively, you may contact my supervisor, Dr. Philip Stone, at: PStone@uclan.ac.uk

Thank you.

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