Coworking Camp - Refund local membership
Thank you for your interest in joining us at Coworking Camp.

We love coworking spaces and do not want that you cancel your membership while you attend Coworking Camp.
Just tell us the amount that you are going to pay your local space while at Coworking Camp and we will send you a discount code for the same amount up to the cost of a full ticket.

Please bring your invoice for November/December to the camp for validation of your payment. The discount can only be provided if you actually pay your local space while at Coworking Camp.

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Which space are you are member of? Please provide URL *
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What is the membership fee per month that you pay? *
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How many weeks do you want to join us? *
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Will you be able to bring a copy of your membership invoice to the camp for validation? *
Do you have the required funds to pay for the hotel and flight yourself? And can you confirm your booking within 3 days of receiving the discount code? *
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