Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018 - Stonewall Japan Volunteer Form
Thank you very much for your interest in volunteering with Stonewall Japan for Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018!

Please read the details below before filling out your availability.

SAT 5th May:

•Booth 11:00-18:00, (Set Up: 09:00⁓, Take Down: ⁓18:30)

• Bar Crawl (time will vary depending on the establishments & volunteer leader suggestion)

SUN 6th May:

• Picnic 9:30 - 18:00 (Set Up: 09:00⁓, Take Down: ⁓18:30)

!! Please Note that the Parade Walk 11:00-16:00
overlaps with the picnic!

Booth volunteering requires:
Interacting with passers-by about Stonewall Japan, handing out flyers, and other small tasks.

Picnic area volunteering requires:
Welcoming, accommodating, and interacting with members, looking after the area and other small tasks.

Orientation is on the day.
No previous experience is needed.

!! All volunteers and members must participate in ways that support the voices of POC, non-binary, trans, asexual, and other marginalized members, and to stand up to racism, transphobia, acephobia, biphobia etc at all Stonewall Japan events.

Thank you and see you soon!

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Lgbt+ Bar Crawl Volunteers Part 1
Do you have experience with the local nightlight and would like to lead visiting members around? Please answer the 3 part Bar Crawl Volunteer section!
Lgbt+ Bar Crawl Volunteers Part 2
Please name the establishment(s) you would be able to lead a group to AND specify the establishment's gender regulations. (Please double check! Some establishments have flex days where certain genders will or will not be allowed. Check their Saturday gender regulations)
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Lgbt+ Bar Crawl Volunteers Part 3
How many establishments would you like to lead a group to?
Do you have a preference where you'd like to be? *
How many hours are you able to volunteer? *
With enough volunteers, we'll only need you for 2-3 hours, but if impossible...
If needed, could you volunteer on both days? *
As much as possible, we'll group shifts together and on the same day, but if impossible...
Ant special requests?
Examples: "prefer quite booth times" "I want to volunteer at the same booth time with my bestie" "My ex is also volunteering, please don't put us on the same time slot" "I demand to be fanned with fresh-cut palm leaves while I volunteer 🌴"
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