Supporting People Who Stutter In Libraries
Librarians and library staff are among the most helpful people! They are excited to help patrons find the perfect book or resource. In the past few decades there has been a push to make libraries an even more welcoming place for everyone, including people with disabilities. This has gone beyond ramps to include trainings on customer service with a focus on serving people with disabilities, displaying visual icons to help people with dyslexia navigate the Dewey Decimal System, and software to make on-site computers accessible to people with an array of disabilities.

Stuttering is often ignored because the library barriers don’t seem so obvious. Nonetheless, libraries will want to minimize awkward interactions as well as support the Stuttering community with appropriate materials and events. Author Nina G has put together a kit for libraries about making our libraries a more welcoming place for people who stutter. The kit includes cards that can be placed near check out areas or given to employees, tips on etiquette, resources, as well as books and films that might be of interest. As this is a labor of love, only the first 30 libraries who request kits will receive them.

To request your kit, fill out the information below. Thank you for helping to make our libraries (and the world) a more welcoming place for people who stutter!
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