RVF 2016-2017 Application
Application Deadline - September 23 2016 (Round 1). see www.ncra.ca/rvf for more information
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Name of Applicant
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Role in the station
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Do you have permission from your Board of Directors (or other) to apply
Application Form
Please complete to the best of your ability. Applications will be rated on the information provided here. Additional information or supporting documents can be submitted to patrick@ncra.ca
Please tell us a little bit about your local Francophone community and how you would represent their diversity
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What are some of your ideas for documentaries/stories that could represent your local Francophone community and/or speak to Canada’s participation as part of the global Francophonie?
This is your project story pitch, see the topics we are looking for in the call-out. (Please provide as much details as possible)
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Who are some of the people or what are some of the organizations you could contact to help you in this work?
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Do you have a producer or group arranged to produce the project?
Please provide some background on that producer/group if so (Involvement in station, how long they have been making radio, past experience, Francophone connection etc)
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What format are you thinking of taking on within the project ?
Not your final answer, but what you currently predict it will be.
did you participate in previous RVF Programming (2016 or 2015)?
If you were interested in previous RVF Programming (2015 or 2016), but didn't apply, please tell us why
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Are you confident you can complete the production by the deadline in November if selected?
How much time do you need to complete the production if selected from the time you are notified of approval?
An estimate, you will coordinate with Patrick to set a due date.
Anything else to add?
Concerns, questions, additional points to add to your application we may review
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